17th December 2018

Christmas Opening Hours

ACIC's head office will be open throughout the Christmas season except for the official  public holidays. The public holidays are as follows:

Tuesday 25th: Closed


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   1st December 2018

UNSW visiting ACIC Taiwan

Representatives from both UNSW and UNSW Global will be visiting ACIC Taiwan on 3rd December.

UNSW is part of G08 universities and UNSW Global offers...

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   12th December 2018

ACIC - Monash University's Agent of the Year

In a recent award ceremony, ACIC has been awarded Monash University's 2018 Agent of the Year. This is the second year in a row that ACIC has received the top...

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ACIC is a world-class education consulting firm that specialises in Australian education. Established since 1988, ACIC has successfully helped more than 70,000 Australian and overseas students from over 40 countries to study in Australia. 


"Thank you for your service. We can extend our visa to August, especially thanks to Katrina, who have well looked after our documents, submitted our applications on time, and answer all questions I have about our student visa applications very patiently. Also thanks to Nalumi, whom we met at the very first time at ACIC, for taking good care of our files and updates our details. Thank you for your professional service. "

Jueyu Huang from China


"Thank you so very much Kitty and ACIC,

It was a pleasure dealing with you. I must appreciate the optimistic approach by which you deal with students.

My case of shifting from MBA to MSW had been indeed a tough one. But thanks to Kitty, who made my whole journey comfortable and pleasant.  Right from finding suitable courses, to providing constant motivations during tough times and relentlessly co-ordinating with the university for me, I can confidently say that ACIC is the right place for all students to seek educational guidance.

Once again I thank Kitty Kwong and ACIC for making my dreams come true!!

God Bless You!!


Blessy Pullan from India


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任延凝ACIC 学生





Kaiji Zheng ACIC 学生



To Nalumi and Venus,






Yueying Li ACIC 学生





我在发现自己已经overstay了以后可以说是慌的一笔,自己第二天就去central那边的border office自首去了officer当即就给我说3 years of re-entry ban会对我生效并且在我办理bridging visa之前不让我离开,我是之前听朋友介绍的ACIC,当时在border office给客服拨通了电话,我当时虽然口气很平和但是内心已经惊涛骇浪了,客服听到我的情况以后立马安排了Eric经理向我介绍情况,客服也一点一点向我分析了各种情形的后果,然后我才忐忑地办完bridging visa出来来ACICEric,他给我阐述了一堆条款什么的,当然我只关心还能不能回来,Eric的反应还是非常谨慎,说你这种情况还是有可能回来,听到这句话我就知道这个中介靠谱,不会把话说满,很谨慎。去ACIC之前当然也问过其它的中介,不过他们在通话中的表现让我不是很满意,总体感觉就是经验可能没有ACIC这边足,话也说的很满,毕竟overstay的情况也很少见,所以后来就在这里签了委托协议,总之最终还是回来了,很开心,下签一个多月了,我本人也及时赶上了final考试,写一封好评"




岳栩彦 ACIC 学生



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"The University of Sydney has been associated with ACIC since 1997, and takes great pleasure in congratulating ACIC on its 30th anniversary. Over the years, the relationship between our two organisations has grown from strength to strength and the University considers ACIC an invaluable partner assisting the Universitys international student recruitment efforts. The University acknowledges the high quality professional service ACIC provides to international students, and wishes ACIC every success in the years ahead".

Dr Michael Spence, Vice Chancellor and Principal, The University of Sydney
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UTS - Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles

In the latest ranking by London-based industry website Business of Fashion, the UTS degree has been placed 13th in the world, up from 28th last year, and number one in Australia.


The Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles is an internationally recognised degree that gives students the start they need to pursue careers across all facets of the international fashion industry. The degree provides the conceptual knowledge and garment-making skills required to transform creative vision into compelling fashion statements.


University of Wollongong - Bachelor of Social Work


Social Work is one of the most highly demanded occupation. The Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Wollongong (UOW) trains and equips students with the right skills to work in this growing industry. The course is taught by experts in the field and it includes an intensive professional experience which allows you to practise your skills with real people in real situations.

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Monash University -  Bachelor of Media Communication 


The rise of digital technology - such as social media, mobile phones and virtual reality - are changing the way we live. Today's generation consumes data and interacts like never before, leading to a completely new communication environment.


Starting in 2018, the Bachelor of Media Communication (BMC) by Monash University is the first degree of its kind in Australia, offering an unparalleled mix of practice-based learning, theory and portfolio development... 


University of South Australia - Bachelor of Aviation (Flight)


The University of South Australia have made some exciting changes to their Aviation degree. From 2018, the Bachelor of Aviation (Flight) replaces the Bachelor of Aviation (Pilot) for international students. 

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