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Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textile-UTS

In the latest ranking by London-based industry website Business of Fashion, the UTS degree has been placed 13th in the world and number one in Australia...

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Bachelor of Media Communicaton- Monash University 


Starting in 2018, the Bachelor of Media Communication (BMC) by Monash University of the first degree of its kind in Australia..


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Hi! Welcome to E-Mate.

"Mate" is a traditional Australian term for "friend" and E-Mate is ACIC's online publication that is designed to act as your friend.

E-Mate will inform you great hints and tips about life in Australia. It will also pass you all the secrets just like your best friend.  What's more, E-Mate is especially designed for students, so read about it and have fun! 

The latest edition contains useful information about planing for careers in accounting.

Accounting Career Planning

As an accounting student, are you concerned about your future career? There are some tips for you to prepare more when you are still in universities.

1. Pay attention to your GPA/average mark

Some students have an incorrect view that a graduation certificate from top universities could guarantee a good job. Actually, no matter for future career or further degree application, your academic performance is quite important.

To stand out amongst your peers in the eyes of employers, a good academic transcript is an important starting point. Thus, trying to get good marks during the course of your accounting studies is important for your future career.

2. Make studying more practical

Accounting is a very practical discipline that is useful and necessary for every business. Although some accounting courses are very theoretical, you still need to grasp as much practical techniques as you can. Some software skills are quite helpful for future accounting jobs such as MYOB and Quickbook. If your school does not provide such subjects, you can also choose the training courses from other education organisations or online learning centre or even study by yourselves. This can give you advantages over other students because you have useful practical techniques beyond the theories.

3. CPA versus CA

Joining an accounting professional body is a necessary way to get the proper qualification to work in public practice and certain areas. Accounting students are always confused about which accounting professional body they should choose to join in the future. For example, if you decide to stay in Australia to work, the choice between CPA and CA sometimes seems difficult.

Please pay attention that the two programs have different entry requirements. You can go to websites below for the respectively information.

Click here for CA.
Click here for CPA.

4. Part time jobs

Part time job is also a perfect bridge linking the study to your future career. It is recommended to find some relevant part time jobs when you are staying in universities. On the one hand, you can apply the knowledge you learn from books to the real world to get useful experience. On the other hand, you can show your ability and talent you gained from part time jobs when you start your career after your graduation.

Remember that, one reaps no more than what one has sown. Wish you all the best in your studies and future career.