> Chi-Ya Huang: from Taiwan, 2005
       > Sharon Song: from China 2010
       > Jia Mei: from China 2001
       > Li Fang: from China 2007
       > Wei Yan Chong: from China, 2007
       > Gan Yi: from China, 2008
       > Flora Yin: from China 2009
       > Chia-Chi Lin: from Taiwan 2006
       > Yu-Wen Liao: From Taiwan, 2009
       > Brian Nguyen: from Vietnam 2009
       > Lu LIU: from China, 2009
       > Sara Lai: from Taiwan 2006
       > Victor LIN: from China 2011
       > Ling Xiao Zhou: from China 2011
       > Fei Wang, from China, 2014
       > Lu Shi: from China 2011
       > Shirley Zhang: from China 2012
       > Yu Yu Liang: from China, 2010
       > Ye Chun: from China 2011
       > He Yi Xuan: from China 2012
       > Fei Wang, from China, 2014
   > Pohan Sung: from Taiwan 1989
   > Wei Zhou Jin: from China 1993
   > Vu Hai Nguyen and Hanna Nguyen
   > Andy Tsui: from Hong Kong 1996
   > Jia Ning Chen, Jia Xiang Chen
   > Wojciech Drazkowski: from Pola
   > Ida Tomoe: ACIC from Japan 199
       > Jeffrey Jian Fei Wu: from China, 2009

Jia MEI From China, ACIC student, 2001

The Dream
To study a Masters Degree at the University of Sydney (a top class University) and apply for Permanent Residency in Australia.

The Difficulties
Meeting the English requirements for a Masters degree at the University of Sydney and the requirements for Permanent Residency.

The Process
Jia wanted to apply for the Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney with 3 subject exemptions. However, her English result was below the IELTS 6.5 requirement for the course.

ACIC then prepared Jia MEI with 10 weeks of English at CET after which Jia MEI still did not pass the requirement. ACIC recommended Jia to study another 10 weeks of English and this time, she was successful after studying very hard. By now, Jia has developed a high level of English proficiency, which prepared her well for the Masters course.

With 3 subject exemptions, Jia has only 9 subjects to study for her Masters course, which normally takes 1.5 years to complete. However, during this time, the immigration office changed their policy for skilled migration and required students to study 2 years if they wish to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia.

Jia then prepared herself to finish her course before the immigration changes became effective. This included studying courses over both Winter and Summer.

The Outcome
With her strong English developed from CET, Jia managed to pass all her 9 subjects over 1 year, including 1 subject each in the Winter and Summer breaks. Her strong efforts over the holiday breaks also allowed Jia MEI to lodge her application for Permanent Residency just before the immigration changes on 1st April 2004. Her application was approved fours months later.

The comment from the student
ACIC really did help me to make my dreams come true. Before I came to ACIC in Australia, I was nervous about the new environment and felt helpless about my study. Fortunately, ACIC offered me valuable advice and strong support, which build up my confidence to overcome all the difficulties. After that, I successfully achieved my study plan, which was to get a Master degree at a top Australian university. I also eventually became a permanent resident.