> Chi-Ya Huang: from Taiwan, 2005
       > Sharon Song: from China 2010
       > Jia Mei: from China 2001
       > Li Fang: from China 2007
       > Wei Yan Chong: from China, 2007
       > Gan Yi: from China, 2008
       > Flora Yin: from China 2009
       > Chia-Chi Lin: from Taiwan 2006
       > Yu-Wen Liao: From Taiwan, 2009
       > Brian Nguyen: from Vietnam 2009
       > Lu LIU: from China, 2009
       > Sara Lai: from Taiwan 2006
       > Victor LIN: from China 2011
       > Ling Xiao Zhou: from China 2011
       > Fei Wang, from China, 2014
       > Lu Shi: from China 2011
       > Shirley Zhang: from China 2012
       > Yu Yu Liang: from China, 2010
       > Ye Chun: from China 2011
       > He Yi Xuan: from China 2012
       > Fei Wang, from China, 2014
   > Pohan Sung: from Taiwan 1989
   > Wei Zhou Jin: from China 1993
   > Vu Hai Nguyen and Hanna Nguyen
   > Andy Tsui: from Hong Kong 1996
   > Jia Ning Chen, Jia Xiang Chen
   > Wojciech Drazkowski: from Pola
   > Ida Tomoe: ACIC from Japan 199
       > Jeffrey Jian Fei Wu: from China, 2009

   9th October 2018

Early Close on Fri 19th October

ACIC Sydney will be holding a special function to celebrate our 30th Anniversary on Friday 19th October. Our Sydney office will close from 4pm on that day for this special...

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   1st July 2018

G08 Events in ACIC Melbourne

ACIC Melbourne will be holding interview program sessions with G08 universities in May.

Students interested in applying for the universities below should contact ACIC...

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   2nd October 2018

Resources for Students Starting at Uni of Melbourne

Are you a student about to start studying at the University of Melbourne? Before you arrive in Melbourne, you are bound to have lots of questions. You...

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Sharon Song from China, ACIC Student, 2010

The Dream

To study at a famous university and obtain a Permanent Residence (PR) in Australia.

The Difficulties

The application process for PR is complicated and Sharon has lots of questions about the details and procedures to apply.

The Process

Sharon first approached ACIC in 2009 to apply for University studies. ACIC
successfully helped Sharon to enrol at UNSW for Master of Financial Analysis.

After experiencing the good service of ACIC, Sharon decided to ask ACIC's in-house migration agent to assist with her PR application. ACIC helped Sharon from the very  the first step of the application, which she knew nothing about.

Sharon asked lots of questions, which were explained to her in detail before the application was lodged so she clear about the whole process. ACIC also reminded Sharon carefully all the documentations and preparation that was required so as to ensure the PR will be successful and quickly approved.

The Outcome

Following ACIC's advice and instructions, Sharon's PR application was granted in just 2 days after lodgement. This is a record time and is largely helped by the careful preparation of the application by ACIC and efficiency of DIAC. All the documents and procedures were correct which ensured the application can be quickly processed.

The Comment from the Student

I am Sharon (Shuning SONG), a student who accepted the service from you and your agent ACIC. I was so surprise to receive your call and be told that I had been granted the Permanent Residence just two days after you lodged the application form for me. I was so excited that I flowed out tears at that time. I think all of these belong to highly effective services from you and your team.

From the very beginning, I chose ACIC as my agent according to my friends recommendation. Now I indeed think that I elect the right one. Your firm has sincerity, strength and a good reputation. I feel incomparable joy as being your customer. I will strongly recommend you and ACIC to my other friends to come here for their issues of studying abroad and immigration.

Finally wish you and your colleagues to work smoothly, wish ACIC has more magnificent achievements and help more international students to realise their life desires. Deep expresses thanks and respects once more!