> Chi-Ya Huang: from Taiwan, 2005
       > Sharon Song: from China 2010
       > Jia Mei: from China 2001
       > Li Fang: from China 2007
       > Wei Yan Chong: from China, 2007
       > Gan Yi: from China, 2008
       > Flora Yin: from China 2009
       > Chia-Chi Lin: from Taiwan 2006
       > Yu-Wen Liao: From Taiwan, 2009
       > Brian Nguyen: from Vietnam 2009
       > Lu LIU: from China, 2009
       > Sara Lai: from Taiwan 2006
       > Victor LIN: from China 2011
       > Ling Xiao Zhou: from China 2011
       > Fei Wang, from China, 2014
       > Lu Shi: from China 2011
       > Shirley Zhang: from China 2012
       > Yu Yu Liang: from China, 2010
       > Ye Chun: from China 2011
       > He Yi Xuan: from China 2012
       > Fei Wang, from China, 2014
   > Pohan Sung: from Taiwan 1989
   > Wei Zhou Jin: from China 1993
   > Vu Hai Nguyen and Hanna Nguyen
   > Andy Tsui: from Hong Kong 1996
   > Jia Ning Chen, Jia Xiang Chen
   > Wojciech Drazkowski: from Pola
   > Ida Tomoe: ACIC from Japan 199
       > Jeffrey Jian Fei Wu: from China, 2009

   9th October 2018

Early Close on Fri 19th October

ACIC Sydney will be holding a special function to celebrate our 30th Anniversary on Friday 19th October. Our Sydney office will close from 4pm on that day for this special...

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   1st July 2018

G08 Events in ACIC Melbourne

ACIC Melbourne will be holding interview program sessions with G08 universities in May.

Students interested in applying for the universities below should contact ACIC...

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   2nd October 2018

Resources for Students Starting at Uni of Melbourne

Are you a student about to start studying at the University of Melbourne? Before you arrive in Melbourne, you are bound to have lots of questions. You...

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Wei Yan Chong From China, ACIC student, 2007

The Dream
After studying a language and foundation course at Wollongong College, Wei Yan's main goal was to study accounting at a leading university in Sydney.

The Difficulties
As an overseas student, Wei Yan knew very little about the universities and courses in Australia. Furthermore, his foundation course results did not meet the admission requirements for direct entry into university.

The Process
After his foundation course, Wei Yan was introduced by a friend to ACIC. His ACIC consultant provided him with information and advice, which enabled him to gain an understanding of the universities in Sydney.

Wei Yan then decided that he wanted to study accounting at Macquarie University, which is one of the best commerce institutions in Sydney. However, as he cannot get direct entry, ACIC designed him a study path that not only achieved his goal but also saved time and money.

ACIC first helped Wei Yan enrol in a diploma course at SIBT College in Macquarie University. Upon completion of the diploma, Wei Yan was then able to start in the second year of an undergraduate accounting course at Macquarie University.

The Outcome
Wei Yan is now in his last semester studying accounting at Macquarie University. During the last 2 years, he has found the academic atmosphere and quality of the teachers to be excellent. He also made some very good friends. Furthermore, Wei Yan has really enjoyed living in Sydney, where he can absorb the traditional culture as well as experience the modern atmosphere. He happily claims that he has visited nearly every famous place in Sydney!

After completing this semester, Wei Yan will graduate in accounting at Macquarie University with CPA accreditation. He is now considering postgraduate studies and has again chose to seek ACIC for advice.

Recently, ACIC arranged Wei Yan to attend an ACIC interview program for the University of New South Wales (UNSW). During the interview, he met with UNSW admission officers and got his undergraduate results confirmed. ACIC was then able to obtain an offer letter for Wei Yan to study at UNSW, only 2 weeks after the interview.

The comment from the student
ACIC has helped a lot with the contact between the universities and me, so I could do both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in my dream universities!

Wei Yan Chong