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Starting in 2018, the Bachelor of Media Communication (BMC) by Monash University of the first degree of its kind in Australia..


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ernest zukowski from usa, acic student 2018


Dear Venus , I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your work and effort on my behalf , it is very much appreciated .This has allowed me to pursue my chosen career and I am looking forward to studying and achieving my Diploma .

Again thank you so very much , wishing you all the very best regards from Ernest Zukowski . 


jui-chen chang from taiwan, acic student 2018


Hi Katrina,


Thanks for your and Kitty?s prompt and professional help! I feel relieved to have consultants like you! Thanks again for your great aid!



Best regards,





peiyue guo from china, acic student 2018


Dear Tracy,


I'm so happy to know I got my visitor visa to Australia. As my case was quite complicated, I didn?t expect to get it approved that quick.


Thank you for your professional advice and assistance. They really provide strong support to my visa application.


Really appreciate that. After this visa expired, definitely I will reach back to you for another extension.



Thank you.






hei ying lee from canana, acic student 2018


Dear Kitty,


Hei Ying and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness help in obtaining the student visa for her studies at the UON. You were so helpful along this journey. Thanks to you and your staff.




Diana kandege from papua new guinea, acic student 2018


Hi Lynn and Venus,

Thank you very much for helping me out with extending my student visa. You were very helpful in every way possible in making sure I got all my supporting documents on time and assisting me along the way.  The whole process was quick and very effective and I'd like to thank you again for that. I got my visa granted in a matter of days and would not have been happier with my experience. I'm grateful that I chose to work with you.

I will definitely come to you again if I need to extend my visa again in the future. 

And also would by all means recommend you to anyone else that needs your help. 


kang ge from china, acic student 2018


Dear Katrina,


Really thanks for your email, I have gotten the attached document. I?m really happy to get the visa extension applied successfully. Really thanks for the help provided by you and Nalumi, which makes the application process much efficient.


Hope you have a nice day and thanks again!






jueyu huang from china, acic student 2018


Thank you for your service. We can extend our visa to August, specially thanks to Katrina, who have well looked after our documents, submitted our application on time, and answer all questions I have about our students visa applications very patiently. Also, thanks Nalumi, whom we met at the very first time at ACIC, for taking good care of our files and updated our detailes. Thank you for your professional service.



farhana sultana from BANGLADESH, acic student 2018


We are very glad to say that lots of thanks to you.From the very beginning you supported us and tried to show a way.You gave us guidelines and said never give up.Finally we succeed.


Now we got our visa because of you.

Thanks again.



Mcdon ejike from nigeria, acic student 2018


I want to joyfully say that ACIC brought back my lost hope. They didn't just smoothly processed my student visa, they did so within the shortest possible time. But what particularly impressed me most is the gentle attitude of the staff throughout the process. I call them 'magical ACIC'.


Thank you for all your wonderful service.



ying zhang & mo feng from china, acic student 2017


Thanks for Alice and other staffs in ACIC! I wasn't expecting to get PR in only one month! This is the best news this week. I'm really grateful for Alice's help. She is always so patient and helpful, and offered us really useful advices. Besides, Cherry helped us, too. Again, really thank you for your professional advices and work!


wing sze cheung from hongkong, acic student 2017


Dear Eric, thank you so so so so much!! Your phone call today absolutely made my day & the rest of my life!!! What a huge relief! I cannot thank you guys more!! You and Alice are the best!!! Definitely I will leave you a good comment and I will recommend you guys to every friend of mine!


Again thank you so much!

beichen yu from china, acic student 2017


Hi Tracy, I am pretty satisfied with your visa application service and as well as that of ACIC. I would recommend ACIC to my friends who also requires related visa application help.


Li-tzu chen from taiwan, acic student 2017


Many thanks for Kitty and Katrina's wonderful and professional help on applying my school. Plus student visa! Well service, thanks.


Kavisha from Ski Lanka, acic student 2017


I'd like to thank Cherry and ACIC for the excellent service provided. Cherry is extremely efficient, responsible, helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly. Thanks to her I got my student visa granted with minimum effort. She and rest of the staff at ACIC are highly recommended and will take care of all the migration services without any hassle. I can easily say ACIC is  one of the best migration providers in Sydney.


Kim Seng THAI from cambodia, acic student 2017


The service that ACIC provided is great. The agent always inform me valuable informations and have always guided me in the transition from high school to University. They made me feel prepare and comfortable. Overall it was a wonderful experience.


jenny trinh FROM vietnam, acic student, 2017


Dear Lynn, I have received my new visa granted. Thank you so much for all your help with my paperwork. I do appreciate all the kindness of service and warm welcome from you and the team. Thank you Lynn. Hope you have a great day.


zhenghan gao from china, acic student 2017


The services provided by Amy and Stacy throughout my final year of high school and university have been very satisfying. They helped me work through all important procedures during my school-university transition period.


From university preferences to the release of ATAR, from accepting university offer to applying student visa, purchasing health insurance and undertaking meidcal assessment, there is no way for everything to work out so smoothly without their guidance and assistance.


Choosing ACIC and having Amy and Stacy as my agent have helped me a great deal and saved me a large amount of time and energy in dealing with various issues. Their services are much appreciated.


Por sang chhim FROM cambodia, acic student, 2017


Dear Tracy, oh wow, that was fast! Well, I would say ACIC service is very good and everyone is very helpful and I am really appreciated.


magdalen tan from malaysia, acic student 2017


Dear Tracy, thanks for your effort and time. The best and most reliable freebie that Sydney could offer for a student. Friendly, kind and caring professionals who provide support, guidance and sufficient information that assist student in their future education and career path. Thanks ACIC, you are the best!


shiming li FROM china, acic student, 2017


Dear Eric, thank you for your email. Seems like 2017 is a good year to me. Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you and members of ACIC for the professional assistance during the process.


I am sure I will introduce ACIC to my friends if they need any migration or student services in the future.


Sheng-hung chen from taiwan, acic student 2017


I'd like to thanks the service of ACIC SYDNEY related to visa application. Applying studnet visa can be both troublesome and annoying. I tried myself twice to apply it by myself, however, there was always information missing and errors occuring.


Thanks for Katrina and Kitty that they offered me a really great service. They were both patient and efficient during the whole process and were doing a really great job.


I do have to apologise to Katrina that due to unknown reason I missed almost 10 phone calls from her. Even though, she was still being so nice and helped me out with everything.


If the score is 0 to 10, I will surely give Katrina and Kitty's service 10 out 10.


If you are struggling with your student visa application process, I strongly recommend you the service ACIC provides. 


Again, thank you all the staff in ACIC I have contacted with. You guys are champion!



caroline jelimo melli FROM kenya, acic student, 2017


Yeeeeeeei!!!! Thank you for your great services Tracy. God bless you!


jingxiang tang from china, acic student 2017


Thank you Brian and Jocelyn. You guys are the best teacher I have never seen before. Well done.


syed sumar FROM pakistan, acic student, 2017


Hello Brian, I just checked email and I am very much satisfied with the service of ACIC, specially regards for you and Jocelyn. Appreciated! Thanks.


matias from chile, acic student 2017


Thanks so much for your help. You and Jocelyn were just amazing. I always had everything so clear with you, so I apprecitated all you have done for me. If I have to rate you guys from the scale 1 to 10, I will say 100! Thanks again.


sokleap Na FROM cambodia, ACIC STUDENT, 2017


Dear Kitty, thank you for helping me to lodge my visa for university. I really appreciate your help and I am very satisfied with your service.


Yunisa KRISHNAN From malaysia, acic student 2016


Thanks Lynn & Nalumi. Thank you ACIC for helping me to get my Student Visa promptly without a problem.




I am glad to have chosen ACIC. The whole painstaking application process, which could have cost me a long time to fill and process, was made easy and relaxed, thanks to Katrina's friendly nature and efficient customer oriented professional services. 


I am glad to have consulted Jocelyn in the first place. Her up to date knowledge about the universities and the education industry helped me with choosing the best suited universities for my preferred course. I greatly appreciate your friendly and professional services. 


ACIC's partnership with various world class universities provided me with an abundance of options, in addition to your respectful reputation that aided in fast tracking my applications and obviously free of charge.


Simone shi from chinA,  ACIC STUDENT, 2016

Stacy has been very helpful with the whole visa applying process, always informed the students fast and clearly. A great help in getting visa done. Amy was efficient and fast. exactly what an overseas student need: no fuss and easy process. 




I approached ACIC about 3 years ago after hearing its outstanding services and ACIC as a consulting firm well served its duty, I have received valuable and professional advice all along which enabled me to make informed decisions.What impressed me the most is their efficiency, all consultants were able to reply my enquiries in a timely manner, not to mention their professionalism. Also, as a trusted entity with DIBP, my visa processing time through ACIC was greatly reduced, which made me achieve my peace of mind. I would like to thank all staff members of ACIC, especially Kristy, Eric , Jocelyn and Katrina, thank you all for your help and it has been a great experience with ACIC.



This week was my first week at UTS:Insearch. I just want to say thank you for your help to get me here, I really enjoy it. :)


SHAO yu FROM taiwan, ACIC STUDENT, 2016 

Thank you, Nalumi. You made this stressful process so much easier.  Many, many, thanks.



I could not express how much I thank you both for all help you provided in getting this done!  I would imagine it would not have gone so smoothly otherwise!



Since I decided to study in Sydney again, I really firstly thought was Nalumi in ACIC. In my undergraduate study, I was so nervous about my grades that I did not think I can graduate seccessfully. At that time, I went to ACIC to transfer school. Watching my results, Nalumi suggested that I could try to improve the scores for transferring. With this belief, I spent more energy in my study and finally got the bachelor's degree.


Based on the previous experience, Ichose ACIC for applying Mater of Management in February 2016.  Nalumi and Eric suggested that I needed to compress the time to apply for schools and the visa since I have graduated for nearly two years at that time. Although there were some twists and turns when applying for master courses, I got a letter of admission to the right school. In the cooperation of ACIC team, I have already received my visa and all these processes only lasted 2 months.


All these thanks to ACIC team with high efficiency and positive communication.


elza from hong kong, ACICSTUDENT, 2016


I am more than happy to hear the good news and I am very pleased with the service provided by ACIC. Alice and Eric have made effort on making the application for me smoothly. Clear instructions and prompt replies received  from you all along the time. I really appreciate the service and help you have provided. 




Thank you very much for your assistance and time to renew my visa. I am very appreciated for your efforts.



I am very glad to meet you and all the ACIC team who have done and helped me a lot in my university applications, from the beginning until I got all the offers. Thank you for all the things you have done for me and I have to say, you are the best agent that I have ever had.




Thank you for all your help throughout my PR application. ACIC is a wonderful partner for the international students! Really appreciate for all your assistance!




Thanks again for your hard work. And I am so happy with your good services. Choosing ACIC is a correct decision. Thank you so much.



Thanks Joanna! And thanks to Amy, Sarah and all other ACIC staff who helped me with the Student Visa.




Thank you so much for your assistance in the past few months. Dennis and I are so happy to know this news and will definitely ask you guys out. You guys did a great job for our 189 visa! Also, we'll highly recommend ACIC to our friends if they need any inquiries.




Eric and Alice have been very helpful throughout the entire process. I knew it was a bit tricky for my case but they took me through the entire process step by step and always there to help. I'm glad that I finally got my TR granted, will definitely hire them again for my PR application in the future.




My boyfriend and I have been with ACIC for more than eight years, since we came to Australia for high school study. Nalumi is the first person we contacted; she is a professional and well experienced lady. In the past eight years, she is not just an agent to us, she is much more than that, more like one of our family member in this country.

She made the educational plan for us; take care of our life and all sorts of visa applications. She gave us lots of valuable advices and played a really important role in our life in Australia. We just been granted Australia Permanent visa yesterday, and we are really appreciate the service given by ACIC, especially from Nalumi. We are highly recommend ACIC to others students, it is the right choice for your future.




I know ACIC through one of my friend who suceeds to get her PR in a very micacle and dramatic situation assisted by Eric. After I started with ACIC, I totally understand why they are the top student and immigration agent. Their professional advices and patient service make me know what is my best option and what exactly I can do without any panic. During the past 3 years progress of applying PR, ACIC accompanied me through the hardest time.


Thank Eric and Alice for helping me and offer solutions. They make me believe that any crisis is a danger or an opportunity.I clearly remember the excited voice from Alice on 30/09/2014 to tell me my PR is granted.If you were me, you will know how long I have been waiting for this moment. It's another miracle happened after my friend's case, so I really appreciated ACIC's consistently and continuously follow up and caring. If you are still hesitate about which agent you should go, I highly recommend ACIC to you as your best choice.




Dear Jocelyn, I am very pleased!Thanks for everything. You are a legend! Yeah I will recommend ACIC for sure. And I will like to lodge all of my future applications with you including my visa extension and PR application as well.




Thanks Eric and your team who have put effort to it. Your efforts are highly appreciated!




Dear Jocelyn, Stacey and Sarah,Thank you very much for all of your execllent work. Without your help, it'll be impossible for me to go through it. Thank you!




Hi Kitty, Thank you and hope you continue to help more students the way you have helped me. I high value your help during my shcoll years. Look forward to seeing you in the future.




Dear Jocelyn, I wanted to thank you and everyone at ACIC for all the great work you did on my behalf in terms of uni and visa applications. It made the whole process a lot less stressful!


Brother of TAGHIZADE VARDOUGH MONA From Iran, ACIC Student, 2014

Dear Kitty,I greatly appreciate all you are doing to help Mona with her visa process. I trust you with choosing the best and quickest way to get her work done. You are a great person and very professional. Please don't hesitate if I could help you in any way in the future.


ZHENG Wenhai and GUAN Jiayin from China, ACIC Student 2014


Dear Eric, I wanted to let you know how much I sincerely appreciate your help since i have been Australia for study and applying for PR. The PR has just granted. With your assistance, my family are able to have the Medicare cover, as well as i can get the government allowance for my kids to go to the child care.  Your help has been invaluable.

YEAP Mooi Wei From Malasia, ACIC Student, 2014


Dear Kitty, I graduate from reading and writing course on Thursday and yesterday i went to the  orientation for my business course, thanks for your guidance, thanks for everything, you help me a lot in progress for my course.



Would like to thank Nalumi and her team for all their hard work and help with my visa. They applied for the visa on my behalf free of charge and in less than a week my student visa was granted.  It will be my absolute pleasure to recommend ACIC to anyone seeking advice!! " Regards,



Dear Kitty, I have finished my visa medical check-up today. Hope everything goes well for the application. Also, thanks so much for your helps and time all these days! I would definitely recommend ACIC to my friends in the future. 


zhang hao wei from china, ACIC Student, 2014


I would like to thank ACIC for its quality service and efficiency.  Special thanks to Nalumi and Stacey for helping me in getting the visa, which saved me from all the troubles of getting a visa.


Wang Fan and Wu shanshan from china, ACIC Student, 2014


Dear Nalumi,  Much appreciate your attitude and your professional manner.  Also thanks for your patience in answering our questions.  We were so impressed by your efficiency in submitting our school application.  We have also received the offers and COE promptly.  Thank you very much.


tian yao from china, ACIC Student, 2013


ACIC is very professional and efficient. Thanks for the service. I will recommend ACIC to my other friends!


chandan josh and margarita matveeva from nepal, ACIC Student, 2013


We are writing to you to thank you and express our gratitude. You personally and ACICs' team provided us with all up-to-date information, guidance and help. With your services we were able to complete a very important and meaningful step in our lives!



Tian yi ning from china, ACIC Student, 2013


I'm so grateful to Nalumi and all members in ACIC that gave me tremendous help when I was in troubles during study period of time in Australia.

They are all very experienced and professional and provided me with the best suggestions while many other agencies, which I asked for help as well, couldn't do anything to my situation. Then they settled all things perfectly and timely to solve all the problems thoroughly.

I may have no chance to continue studying in Australia without the help from ACIC. Thank you very much!!!


wen shukai from china, ACIC Student, 2013

Hi Eric,  Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help in applying the PR on behalf of me. 
It is really kind of you and the process is so quick, later maybe I will go to pick up my docu and discuss the visa Servies for my parents and partner.  Thanks again


Yu ying chen from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Hi, Eric, Appreciate for your great help ! Not only for the PR application this time, but also for the previous 485 visa application as well as all of the previous visa related queries.

For the whole of the application process, I am very happy with the professional arrangement, advice as well as instructions provided by ACIC. Thanks again !


di ma from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Eric, I was not expecting to hear this great news in such a short time :)

I want you to know you are an exceptional employee of ACIC. Your calm, patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration towards PR application was at an all-time high.  I appreciate the effort and time you put into and your ability of taking care of all the details. Thanks again and looking forward to future cooperation. =)

Kind regards,


Min min thant & annawar from myanmar, ACIC Student, 2013


Hi,Thanks  Eric and ACIC so much for helping us to get our permanent visas within a very short time. Eric is really proficient, organised and really patient with all our queries. We do appreciate and thanks for assisting us with everything


yang guang and zhang xiaowei from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Good Morning Eric, It was a most exciting news for me to hear my PR approved.  We are not only satisfy with your professional service, but also appreciate all your help and support for my case during past few years.  We cannot arrive the success of this PR journey without your help.  Hope we have a much better future.  Thank you very much and appreciate again.  Regards,  Guang YANG & Xiaowei ZHANG


Yuan keyi from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Eric, Im so excited for the good news you gave me about my PR. I appreciate for all the service you have done for me. I am pretty sure that I couldnt grant my Visa in such a quick time without your professional experience and effective work. Im so lucky to choose ACIC and have you helping me for my PR application. Hope all the best for your career.  Kind Regards, keyi


ge yang from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Eric, Thank you very much! We really appreciate your responsibilities and efforts on our application. We understand that it is your experience and efficiency that make our PR granted so fast. We feel lucky to have you as our agent. Sincerely wish you all the best on your career and life! Kind regards, Yang and Munan


LE thi ngoc trinh from vietnam, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Jocelyn, I got new visa this afternoon. Thank for your help so much.  Hope to see you next time. Best regards,


zhang yi and han yufeng from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Thanks! I really appreciate your help in these days! Your service is very good. Eric Wu is very nice, considerate and responsible! 

Alex & Elaine 

li shu from China, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Kitty,  I am very happy about your services, you are very nice and patient. Thank you for helping me get the USYD offer. Best Regards, Susanna


chen chien-cheng & lu chenyi from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Eric, I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you spent on my PR application. At the same time, I would also like to thank ACIC, which provides efficient service professionally as well as responsible and friendly agents. It is a right decision to choose ACIC.  Kind Regards, Jerry & Winnie


Khanh loan nguyen from vietnam, ACIC Student, 2013


Hi Eric, Thank you very much. I am very happy and really appreciated your assistance during my study as well as my PR application process.  Wish you and ACIC will be more successful in helping other international students. I'd be glad to introduce ACIC/ specially you - Eric to my other friends, who need the migration service . 
Sincerely cheers,  Khanh Loan Nguyen


li jia hua from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Hi Kitty, I am happy about your services as good patience and being very nice to me. Thank you for your helping:  )


Lu danxia from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Hi Eric, Good News!!   Thank you so much, really appreciate what you have done so far. You are a friendly,professional and qucik problem-solving agent, actually I have referred several friends to your agency in the past years because of your and ACIC's services. Keep in Touch anyway, and all the best to you. Best Regards, Danxia Lu


TAN xianglan from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Nalumi, I am so delighted to receive the mail from ACIC, attached with confirmation of my visa been granted.  Thank you very much for the continues support you have rendered.  Starting from the school application, exemption application and visa extension, all you have done demonstrated that you are a very professional and responsible consultant.  I will never forget how you had been helping me.  Please accept my most sincere thanks - I wish you and your family all the best and ACIC with all the success.


Wang Jia qi from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Hi, Nalumi, Hows going?  I am Eric Wang. 

It is almost the end of my first year in university.  It is really nice to do my study in Melbourne.  Despite of the high volume of assignments, Monash in general is a good university.  But I also found it hard to handle Biomedical Science though!

I would like to thank you once again for all your help and support with my application.  Keep in touch and all the best.


CHen yun from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Thank you very much for your services, I really appreciate. I used many other agents,however, ACIC is the best one, Eric is a responsible person, I will introduce more friends to your office.


LU Jiayan from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Eric, Thank you so much! I am very satisfied with ACIC migration service!! I am very appreciate the clear guidance and wonderful service that you provided during the past 6 months. Definitely, I will book a time and discuss my PR plan with you in the future. Once again, thank you for all the work you did. Best regards, Nicole


Hamza zameam from saudi arabia, ACIC Student, 2013


Ms Nalumi, I would like to say thanks, did you remember when I said "you are not like others"?!! really I mean what I said .. I was trust you. because you have good repute here in Saudi arabia. So, please accept this pray for you "may God bless you and your family"

Sincerely,  Hamza Zameam


Addison Lim from cambodia, ACIC Student, 2013

It has been a very long journey, and I wouldnt have made it without the assistance of my consultant, Mr Eric Wu. He has been helping me since enrolling in the University. He has given my the best advices of how to approach my goal. Especially during the last few years after graduating, I have been very busy with my career and Mr Eric Wu, as usual, has assisted me with his professional advices and leave me to be with minimal concerns.  

Thank you very much for your assistance all these years, thank you ACIC for your professional services and all the staff. You have definitely lighted up my path during my time in Australia.

Li wei yi from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Hello Eric, The staff are really professional and helpful, saved me a lot of time from travelling around and consulting. 

zhiyong cai from china, ACIC Student, 2013


I really appreciated Eric Wu's professional advise and effort on my visa application. Initially, i worried a lot about my visa application since i was holding a tourist visa in Australia. But Eric gave me a lot of instructions and eliminated my worries. Finally, I successfully got my student visa within one week after lodging the visa application. It is amazing. I never expected I would be able to be granted my visa in such a short time. Thanks for Eric and thanks for ACIC. It is strongly recommended for everyone to choose ACIC. Brian 


Zhang shengyuan and tsai chia ying from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Eric, Thank you for your help in the past three years! It is amazing that the process is so fast and smooth. It would not be smooth without your professional service. We appreciate all you have done for us.
Thank you very much!!!
Thanks the Lord! 
Hou Tzu ying from taiwan, ACIC Student, 2013


Hi Kitty, I had amazing life in Australia this year, thank you for everything that you did for me, thank you ACIC! Best Regards, Tzuying

SHI Jing from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Hi Eric, I have to say I didn't expect it to be this quick to have the PR granted... Thank you so much for the help. Your effort has been much appreciated. Regards, Claire


HE XUelin from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Hi Kitty, Thank you so much for your very quick application result!  Your work is always very efficient. It is a good news to us. Thank you!


PATEL Paresh from kenya, ACIC Student, 2013


thank you very much Eric. i appreciate the service you provided and it was up to date and qualified. you helped me out even when i could not get my documents. thanks for that. i will highly recommend ACIC to my friends and family who have any kinds of visa issues in Sydney.


Ma yan from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Hello Kitty,  I have head back to China and returned to work already.  I really appreciate for the help and guidance which you rendered to my son and I am sorry if I had bothered you.  I cant imagine what would happen if you didnt help us. 

I would like to sincerely thank for your help again.  I also wish that my son can concentrate on his study in Australia, and also hope that you will continue to support my son.  Mother of MA YAN


lu wei from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Dear Eric, This is Lu Wei.  I would like to thank for your help over the past few years when I was an international student in Australia. With your help, my PR was granted two years ago and I am now very satisfied with my life and career in Australia.  Thank you very much.


Xiao Fan ZHANG from china, ACIC Student, 2013


Ms. Qin: I had my first lesson in Wollongong yesterday and basically everything has settled down. I know that I had given you troubles, but I am so glad that you had still helped me through.  Take this opportunity I would like to thank for your help and guidance. I will work hard and I will never disappoint my parents and you.  Thank you.


BANNA OMAR from JORDAN, ACIC Student, 2013


Nalumi, On behalf of my family I would like to thank you and through you to each member of ACIC team for all your highly professorial guidance, support and understanding, taking us so easily through this complicated university process .

It was so lovely talking to you.

Looking forward seeing you soon, helping us out, regarding our second son.


BUI Trung hieu from vietnAm, ACIC Student, 2013


I have been admitted into my course. Thank you very much for your time and effort in the past months. I really appreciate it. 


ZHOU WEIHANG & WAN XUEMIN from China, ACIC Student, 2013


Thank you so much for your assistance in PR application, we are so pleased to get it in such a short period.


SUN XUAN from China, ACIC Student, 2013

I'd like to thank Mr Eric Wu for his patient and professional service.
ACIC Shanghai office helped me to prepare
 everything I need to study in Australia. ACIC Sydney office had helped me to extend my study visa, apply TR & PR. I sincerely appreciate all the assistance that ACIC has provided me and wish you all the best in 2013.

xiao fan wu from china, ACIC Student, 2013

Thank you very much for all your efforts  for my visa application, I can not be more satisfied  for the service. I will be very happy to contact you for any pr enquiry.

zhe xu from China, ACIC Student, 2013

Thanks for what you have done to help me to get my Permanent Visa granted. I was lucky that i could get my IELTS done before the end of 2012, and of course, without consultation with you, it could never be done. 

I've been with ACIC for the best period of 9month. It's amazing how quick I can get my permanent residency. I left everything that is requested by immigration department to my agent ACIC, I did't have to worry about anything but preparing for my exams. They are professional at what they do. Thanks again for your effort and help. I wish you all the best in 2013.

ashani abeyakoon from sri lanka, ACIC Student, 2013


I applied for my Permanent Residency through ACIC and they have been very helpful from start to finish. The entire process has been much easier than I expected, with the help of ACIC. All staff were friendly, helpful and organized to get my application lodged as quick as possible and I received my PR within a month of applying. I would gladly recommend ACIC to anyone considering an agent! Thanks again! 

LI Na and LIU Runqian from China, ACIC Student, 2013


I am here to appreciate ACIC migration team, especially Mr Eric Wu, for their professional migration service, their patience and their keen sense on migration policy. Mr Eric Wu was introduced to me by a friend who had a wonderful immigration experience with him. From the first day I stepped into ACIC office to the day I got my PR granted, Eric had been showing his professional qualities, and settled down all the things so that I did not even have a chance to be anxious. More importantly, as a senior migration consultant, Eric has his sharp eye on policy...Another thing I have to mention is that all the expenses during application process were listed clearly, which totally showed us a detailed-oriented and customer-focused team. Thank you for your hard working and wish you have a good 2013. 

lian yu zhang from China, ACIC Student, 2013

The visa service from ACIC is very helpful,which helps me save much time. The staff is patient to all my enquiries and always quickly reply to my question. Really good service!

anonymous student from japan, ACIC Student, 2012

I am glad to see Nalumi and very satisfied with her service. I recommend everyone to visit her if you need the quick best help. You are not Chinese?! Please do not worry to explain about your situation in English. She always speaks clear English. She is the one who you need to visit. Thank you, Nalumi. I love your service!!!!!

HUANG SHAN YU from China, ACIC Student, 2012


Dearest Nalumi! Thanks so much for your help. I honestly want to say that you are the best and most responsible agent I have ever met. I will ask all my friends to come to you if they have any problems. I will try my best in my studies and not waste your efforts! 


ZHENG QIU LIN from CHINA, ACIC Student, 2012

My PR was granted in just 2 weeks - thank so much Eric and all ACIC staff :)

NISHANT KOHLI from INDIA, ACIC Student, 2012

My name is Nishant Kohli & this is to appreciate Jocelyn who has done a wonderful job handling my admission. Jocelyn is thorough & uptodate with her information & not just with the admissions but with all the policies & rules as well.

She has done a wondeful job in guiding me in the right direction & putting my career back on track. Her advice was so valuable that it has saved both time & money for me. I have recommened all my frineds to get there admission queries & everything all done by ACIC & specially through Jocelyn.

She is a star. Keep it up Jocelyn. Good job.


vincent cai from China, ACIC Student, 2012


I am very happy to hear the news that I am officially an Australian Permanent Resident. Thanks very much for your excellent service, and I wish you all the best.

jerzy ziebra from poland, ACIC Student, 2012


Thank you to all ACIC staff Australia for their help. Especially to Yuan with her advice and education plan and Eric with final stages


gu ran from China, ACIC Student, 2012


Thanks Eric for your outstanding work. I am very satisfied and wish you will do even better in future. I will definitely recommend my friends to see you.

MOHAMEDTHALIPH from Sri Lanka, ACIC Student, 2012


Eric Wu and his team at ACIC are professionals in providing Australian migration service. They were very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive through out my visa application process. ACIC was recommended to me by a friend and I am very satisfied with the service I received. I will definitely recommend ACIC to anyone who intends to migrate to Australia. 

he yixuan from China, ACIC Student, 2012

DIAC announced a new SOL list on 14 June, which removed my major off the list. That means, if I cannot get PR before 1 July, I would have to wait for three more years. And at that time, I had already booked my flight ticket to Fiji on 25 June for a holiday. If I cannot get my PR granted before 25 June, I had to cancel my entire trip and wait in Sydney. It was only over one week left before my trip. It seemed impossible to get PR in such short time. But thanks to ACIC and Eric, they made this possible!...I really appreciate the professional advice and service provided by ACIC, they are the best! Thank you Eric, thank you ACIC!  


Susan Zhang from China, ACIC Student, 2012

That's pretty fast! Hard work paid off :) Thank you Eric! Can't do it without you!


yu ling hsu from taiwan, ACIC Student, 2012


I just wanna bring you a good news which is our student visa was grant next two weeks. Every time, you try your best to assist us. All I have to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH, Kitty. We really appreciate it.


ARCHITA Anika Gazi from Bangladesh, ACIC Student, 2012

My experience with ACIC has been beyond great ! I got to know ACIC in high school; and Yuan Peng has helped me throughout me finishing high school and till the graduation of my university. I completed my university degree with a scholarship that i was granted solely because of the help of Yuan. After graduation Eric has assisted me greatly with my PR process, and today i have been granted my residency within about a month. I can now safely say that the most important achievements of my life so far has had a lot of input from ACIC and i can never be enough thankful to Yuan and Eric ! 

WU Xiao Meng from China, ACIC Student, 2012



The last semester studies felt like a huge burden and the need of applying for a Master degree was unthinkable. I referred by a friend to ACIC and the passion from their consultant Nalumi attracted all of us. She patiently explained the advantages and disadvantages of each university and after we made our decision, she professionally helped us lodge all the documents to university. I have now successfully enrolled in my desired course so I would like thank her very much for her professional assistance.



wang Lu from China, ACIC Student, 2012


Hi everyone! I graduated from my bachelor degree this year and I went to ACIC for advice in applying for a Master degree. In the short time of only 1 month, ACICs staff passionately helped me to answer all my questions and prepared all the documents required.


I would like to thank my counsellor, Nalumi, for helping me through the whole application process and provide me with valuable advice on my future. She answered me patiently each time I had a question. She also successfully applied for my desired university within a very short time.


I would also like to thank ACICs Janet for helping me get my visa within 1 day! It is much appreciated and I am very impressed by Janets efficiency and professionalism.


I have not started the new semester and I would like to once again thank ACICs staff in their assistance and advice. Wish you all well and also for more international students like become good friends with ACIC.

LIU rong rong from China, ACIC Student, 2012


Dear Nalumi, how are you? I am about to start schoo - thanks very much to you and your company for helping me successfully enrol. Wish you more and more students, and all the best in your job :)

bing wang from China, ACIC Student, 2012

Thanks so much for all during apply my student visa, my visa was granted in 2 days, it was very surprised to me, I had never received my visa in that short time,Kitty and Linda has good work on my visa, thank you very much, keep in touch! ^v^


Vivian zhang from China, ACIC Student, 2012

Thanks for your help that I can get my PR successfully. With your kind help and professional consultation, I got my on 10th mayonly 3 days after my PR application lodgment. I want to thank Ericprofessional immigration consultant. He gave me lots of useful and helpful suggestions to arrange my studying and get PR in time.


Last year, when I knew Australia new immigration policy will be carried out in the following year, I was totally lost and had no idea whether to continue to study. Then my friend suggested me to come to ACIC to get some suggestions. After talking with Eric, he recommended me to cancel my last year study in MQ and take another half year course and pass the NATTI exam. Then my points can reach the requirement. With this recommendation, I finished every step to reach the points. Finally, before the expiring date of my IELTS I submitted my PR application. Eric was very positive to my case. As he thought, my PR was granted very soon.


During this procedure, everything was in arrangement. Thanks for ACIC professional team.


jing qi yi from China, ACIC Student, 2012

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank Amy, Cherry and all the staff at ACIC. As I had some visa issues before, I went to ACIC for assistance and their passionate assistance and response has helped me to resolve the issue. It is much appreciated for their efforts to help me resolve a difficult situation and I would like to particularly thank Amy for providing me with timely advice and assistance. Once again, thanks to everyone at ACIC for all their support!

Lyla Mao from China, ACIC Student, 2012

My name is Lyla and after graduating from my Bachelor degree, I went to ACIC to apply for Masters. My consultant is Kitty and she is super nice and friendly - every time we meet, it has been a pleasure.

During the application process, Kitty explained everything to me every clearly and shown me all the available options. After that, she assisted me with my preferred option and even for things she was not sure about, she would contact the school for me to check so I will get the most accurate information. Based on her experience, she helped me to ensure all my documentations were correct so my application process went smoothly.

She maintained her professionalism even when she was sick, and would keep in touch with me regularly via phone and email. Everything that Kitty and ACIC has done was with efficiency including the follow up visa. It is with ACIC that I can truly feel that it is an agency that I can rely on.



gao xiang from China, ACIC Student, 2012


Thanks Nalumi so much - you the most responsible consultant I have ever met!


cheng lu from China, ACIC Student, 2012


I got my visa last month and has been busy with my report so still haven't thanked you.  I sincerely want to thank you for the school you recommended!


surani abeyakoon from sri lanka, ACIC Student, 2012


I first came to ACIC in 2008 to apply for a university in Sydney. Since then ACIC have helped me and my husband in our long journey of extending student visa, applying for Temporary Residency to the final stage of becoming Permanent Residents in Australia. I would like to thank Nalumi who helped me during my years as a student and then introduced us to Eric. Eric has been very helpful in the whole process of applying for our TR and PR. He has always responded promptly even to the smallest issues we have had about the process. Our Permanent Residency was granted within just 10 days.


It has been a smooth, uncomplicated and a speedy journey thanks to Eric and the staff at ACIC. So far I have recommended both my sisters and my cousin to ACIC and have no doubt recommending anyone else. ACIC are reliable, trustworthy and their services are highly valued.  


Thank you Eric, Nalumi and the staff at ACIC for the wonderful work!


Zhen Zhen & Cheng Zou from China, ACIC Student, 2012


We appreciate ACIC Sydney office and ACICs staff Eric very much. ACIC is so efficient that it is only three weeks since we submitted our materials to ACIC until we got PR visa from the immigration department. Our advisor Eric is a very professional, organised and careful person, so the process of preparing materials is very smooth. ACIC staffs are also nice, patient and enthusiastic to its clients. Every time we went to ACIC Sydney office we felt welcomed and respected. We have already recommended ACIC and Eric to our friends and we definitely will do that in the future.  ACIC is international students dependable and trusted friend.


ROZANNE LEYDS from South africa, ACIC Student, 2012


Thank you so much I cant say it enough you have been such a great help.


TRACY LAU from Hong kong, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate


I'm now studying Bachelor of Commerce at the University of New South Wales, thank you so much for ACIC in arranging my student visa and provided me information with different universities when I was in a confusion with my future studies. ACIC did a great job in explaining my difficulties about the visa and also helped me to check my HSC result when I was overseas.


Joy li from China, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate


The ACIC team, especially Jocelyn, provided me valuable suggestions regarding degree choices. More importantly, they helped me with my UAC application and visa extension, which allowed me to save lots of time. I am very thankful for their continuous help and advice throughout my HSC year.

HU RUI TONG from CHINA, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

ACIC provides comprehensive services and supports for international students. They are not only care about students' study but also care about students' living conditions. ACIC also holds a meeting once a year specially for high school international students which is help students built better connections with each other. The services ACIC provided with students makes our oversea's study life more easier and more important it helps us find a sense of belonging when we far away from home.


QIAN Xian Ying from China, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate


Last year I just finished my HSC exam and successfully got into ANU, now i'm a first year undergraduate student in ANU.ACIC helped me a lot, especially in things like new VISA application and accept the offer from ANU. Before HSC, ACIC taught me how to select universities, how to fill the application form, Yuan helped my friends and me a lot about this. After the offer of ANU came, it also accepted the offer for me, then they renewed the Visa for me. After the HSC exam i can go back to china straightly and no need to worry something else, this is all because of ACIC did these things for me. I really thank ACIC. 


Chen jing xuan from CHINA, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

ACIC is a very professional and trustworthy agent. Also, It's service to student, especially to international student, it is really considerate and detailed to answer students' questions. This is my real feeling. I just want to say, choosing ACIC as your agent is a right choice


zhou hui jie from China, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

I am an international student who study in Australian Catholic University. I have finished HSC last week and came back to China. With ACIC's help, I do not need to worry about a lot. They are really kind and helpful to us and solve the complicated problem. It is the good choice to choose ACIC
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JUNG EUN young from korea, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

As it was my first time doing HSC, like many other students, I was worried and stressed from it. Not only did I have to worry about my assignments and exams, I had to "APPLY" for universities. This process stresses you out even more as you do not know the process well! Fortunately, our school introduced me to this fabulous organization ACIC and I was able to take some of my year 12 stress out of my shoulder. They practically take you through the application process with you and if any document is required they will tell you! Also most international students will be back in their home country when the results come out and therefore process of accepting and paying the courses can be complicated. ACIC, once again took me through the process thoroughly with me so I can confirm my status at that course quickly and now! I'm successfully studying a course at USYD. I personally found this very useful. What is more its all free :)
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sun qi yu from China, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate


ACIC has helped me a lot in arranging my further studies and visa since last year. i am now studying in Macquarie university and i am really enjoy the uni life. Thanks for everything that ACIC has done for me and it was great to be introduced to ACIC.

sha ding zhi, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

Thank you so much for ACIC's help in arranging my further studies and also my visa. I have now started at UWS studying the Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Thank you also to Ms Martin for her help throughout the years and it was great to be introduced to ACIC.

cheng xiao xia from China, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate


I have a lovely time with you since I started my high school and doing Business course in ACN now. my cousin introduced you to me it is so great. Thanks you help me a lot!! You helped me study in Sydney  more easier. However it's so nice to meet you! haha 

LIN KAI, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

ACIC has helped me a lot on receiving my offer from UNSW last year.  At the time, I was back in China and ACIC helped me go through all the application process. Whenever I encountered problems, I could always find help from ACIC. Besides ACIC also helped me apply my Visa extension after I came back in Sydney. What surprised me was that I obtained my visa for university only 4 days after I gave them my materials for visa application. ACIC has done a real great job helping me.

Xiao Ying Xin from China, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

I really appreciate ACIC especially Jocelyn's assistance for helping me with my Uni application, visa, tuition payment and everything about international studies. ACIC is a professional team that provides professional advice as well as service. It was great to be helped by ACIC and hope you girls will benefit from it.

NGUYEN Thi Kim Ngan from vietnam, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

Thanks heaps!

guo Tian Yu from China, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

Really appreciate for helping me out during the past year, wish ACIC grows more stronger and better in the future. 

yao shun, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

My name is Robin and my nephew is Lachlan Shun Yao. Last year he finished the HSC iwith the assistance from ACIC, now he is studying the Mechantronics courses at School of Engineering at UNSW. For the future ACIC customs, I highly recommend their services to you, which is highly professional and hassle free for you. In relation to monitoring HSC result and applying the university, his parents and I leave this to their capable hands, it set our mind on rest!  


jia chi from China, ACIC Student, 2011 HSC Graduate

Nalumi - thanks very much for your assistance in getting a student visa for my daughter, Jia Chi. I will ensure Jia Chi continue to study well and wish you all the best in your job. (Jia Chis mother)

wang wei from China, ACIC Student, 2011


I am writing to tell you how very much I enjoyed the service you provided in the past 5 years. During this time, Nalumi and Eric really helped me a lot on my study and immigration application.

I would like to thank ACIC again and I hope Nalumi and Eric know how I appreciate your help, and your many kindnesses to me. I count myself fortunate indeed to have two such generous charming friends!


TANG Yun from China, ACIC Student, 2011

Dearest Nalumi (ACIC counsellor), I have obtained my PR! Really thankful for ACIC, especially all your help throughout the years. From when I studied at high school to Sydney Uni and Insearch/UTS. Thanks very much - also Eric as well!


Ling xiao zhou from China, ACIC Student, 2011


I am now writing to appreciate your efficient and effective assistance in my study life and to share with other current students or potentials....Eric, your colleague, helped me to apply the PR. Recently I just backed to you again and successfully got the PHD offer from UNSW within FOUR WEEKS application days. All those successes can not be departed from your professional assistance which I am appreciating for. Thank you very much!


silong lin from China, ACIC Student, 2011

Hi Nalumi, I'm Victor (Silong Lin)...You helped me to apply UNSW foundation in 2008, I started uni in 2009 and graduate at the end of this year. I have a very good news to share with you and appreciate you helped me to deal with those visa staff before. I get a Dean's Award for Academic Excellence in Australian School of Business. My name will also be publish on Sydney Morning Herald later. I'm really happy and that's the milestone in my Australian education life.

Yuan Fu from China, ACIC Student, 2011

Thank you for your help during last 8 years. Since the University life, ACIC(Eric) always gives me persistent assistance and I successfully graduated from Macquarie University. After that, ACIC offered the immigration service to their students. How lucky I am, i chose ACIC(Eric) to be my immigration agent. Within one month, because of their professional experience and high standard service, i was granted my permanent residency. The only thing i can say, thank you very much indeed through the 8 years! Hope more people will know this outstanding agency in the line. Finally, best wishes for the future of your business.


LIANG Yu YU from China, ACIC Student, 2010

My boyfriend and I have been ACIC's student for many years. I first contacted ACIC back in 2004 when I just graduated from high school (HSC). My ACIC consultant, Eric, gave me lots of objective advice to help me choose my school and study path.

Under ACIC's guidance, I have now graduated with a Bachelor and Master degree in 2010. My boyfriend and I continued to choose ACIC for migration advice. With Eric's help, I received the latest information about the migration policy changes and application procedures. This allowed me to have a smooth PR application and in fact, I received my PR in 1 week. I sincerely believe ACIC is a very good agency that can be truly relied on.

sharon song from China, ACIC Student, 2010

I am Sharon (Shuning SONG), a student who accepted the service from you and your agent ACIC. I was so surprise to receive your call and be told that I had been granted the Permanent Residence just two days after you lodged the application form for me. I was so excited that I flowed out tears at that time. I think all of these belong to highly effective services from you and your team.

From the very beginning, I chose ACIC as my agent according to my friends recommendation. Now I indeed think that I elect the right one. Your firm has sincerity, strength and a good reputation. I feel incomparable joy as being your customer. I will strongly recommend you and ACIC to my other friends to come here for their issues of studying abroad and immigration.

Finally wish you and your colleagues to work smoothly, wish ACIC has more magnificent achievements and help more international students to realise their life desires. Deep expresses thanks and respects once more!

joanna xu from China, ACIC Student, 2010


Thanks for all those efforts you (Kitty) have put into my visa extension! This letter contains all my appreciation. Thank you very much!


Lu Lui from China, ACIC Student, 2009


My counsellor Nalumi always looks after me like a parent of mine. I remember there was once when I handed in some documentation to Nalumi, she asked me whether I could catch up with studies and reminded me of studying hard, revising regularly, etc.. From what I have known and seen, ACIC has successfully helped lots students to apply for university courses, college courses, migration courses and language course. Whenever I encounter any problem, I will go to ACIC to talk to my counsellor for advise, which can help me to put an perfect end to my study.

In the end, I wish all the best to ACIC. I will not waste all the efforts ACIC has put into helping me.


Flora Yin from China, ACIC Student, 2009


In my mind, the procedure for PR application should be complicated which involved professional assessment and police check, etc.  So I definitely cannot do that fast and accurately by myself. Then I chose Eric Wu who is also my uni study counsellor. As an immigration agent, he has much more experiences than me and he will do everything for my application. What I need to do is just providing the necessary documents he let me prepare.

Then, till August, My application was lodged on a Thursday night. I thought there was long way to wait. But till Eric called me next Wednesday morning. I knew my residence visa was granted. It just took 4 working days. What an amazing story!

With reference to my successful case, thanks to Eric as he is so conservative and never promises too much. But I know he did his job so well. Everyone knows PR is a big opportunity. Thank you to ACIC and Eric to let me have that opportunity so fast.


Jeffrey Jianfei wu From china, ACIC student, 2009


ACIC is not only a student agent, they have been helping and guiding me since I arrived at this unfamiliar city. The friendly and experienced staff constantly provides me suggestions regarding my study plans and life styles. They have been taking care of me like parents. With the help of ACIC, I have been growing up and being more sophisticated during these years in Sydney. The most excellent thing ACIC did for me was helping me to enrolled into the course that I am really interested in. ACIC just make my life easier in this country. Im enjoying my study and life at the moment and I recommend you to be one of us.


Brian nguyen from vietnam, ACIC Student, 2009


I have to appreciate all ACIC staff for their kindness, reliability and responsibility for every students.We could come to ACIC, contact the helpful staff members via phone or emails at any time and they certainly reply us immediately. With ACICs assistance, the stress over the pre- and post-HSC period could be a lot more relief.

During my holiday after the HSC, Yuan (the consultant manager) and Rebecca kindly took care of all the admission including getting the COE, Oversea Student Health Cover, Fee payment process and importantly, visa extension. Any enquiries from my or my friends were quickly replied and problems were solved effectively to make sure we have a nice time with our family and a well-prepared plan for our tertiary studies this year.
A part of my success should never come without the assistance of an active and reliable team of ACIC. I strongly recommend ACIC for the students who are seeking for admissions or having issues with their visas or who will deal with these issues in the future. It is the best you can get from your experiences of your time studying in Australia.



Yu bai yi, from china, ACIC student 2009


"Hi, my name is YU Bai Yi and I am one of many ACIC students. I am writing to compliment my counsellor Nalumi on her professional work attitude. Before I start, I wish to say that my statement is totally impartial and conscientious. Nalumi is enthusiastic and sincere in helping students. I can feel her professional attitude every time when I communicate with her. She not only response to what I ask for but also gives me many additional advices and suggestions. She will explain to you both advantages and disadvantages of the issue and always provide updated information or news without delay. There is one time when I asked her that if she treated every student like this, how her work load would be and wouldn't she be tire. She simply reply with a smile saying there is no simple way but just pure hard work for students' better future. I applied for 3 universities at the same time, and I got all firm offers from them. I really thank Nalumi for her great help. I wish all the best with ACIC."





Yu-Wen Liao From Taiwan, ACIC Student 2009


"With their professional experience in the education industry for more than 20 years and latest course information, ACIC helps each student to plan for studies individually according to their unique goals.


ACIC is the best choice an international student can make".


raymond chen, from china, ACIC student 2009


"I truly appreciate the effects ACIC has done for me. Kitty offered a big big help on my overseas study life such as issues relate to student visa and university selection / transferring.


I mean,she is more like a friend than an agent during the period I struggled with my IELTS test. She listened to what she was not supposed to patiently and offered heaps of suggestions to how to get over that difficult time.


Luckily, I survived from my test and I really want to recommend her to anybody who wants to study in Australia. Her patience and professional knowledge will help you out with any issue about student visa. Once again, thank you Kitty, thank you ACIC!"





LI SHAN AI, from china, ACIC student 2009


"With help from ACIC, I firstly became an international student at the University of Wollongong with Master degree in 2007. After over 1 years effort, I will continue my PhD program in UOW during March 2009- December 2011. I would like to thank ACIC's Beijing branch office assisted me with my Master degree application at the first beginning, and my study opportunity in Australia definitely became the very turning point of my life. I also want to present my thankfulness to ACIC head office, especially my counselor Yuan Peng, for providing free service for my visa renewal.

For my personal experience and my friends, ACIC and its professional team with excellent service is recognized as the top choice for those students who want to seek opportunities in Australia. Giving your trust to ACIC, it will act as a reliable friend and the best troubleshooter! "


Zhang lei, from china, ACIC student 2009


"I would like to thank My counsellor Yuan Peng . Yuan is very professional and helps me a lot. Im very pleased with her service. "


JOAN LIU, from TAIWAN, ACIC student 2008


"Owing to ACIC's help, i stayed with my homestay family for 5 months.  Brad and Colby are very kind and generous people.  Besides, they not only helped me to live in Australia but also assisted me in learning.  Therefore, I want to say thank you to ACIC.  I would like to recommend other students to live with them.  After i came to australia, you also help me a lot.  I really appreciate your help.  Thank you very much!"


WAN Zhen Yu, from China, ACIC student 2008


"My counsellor Yuan is a really kind and patient lady. She helped me a lot especially my first arrival in Sydney. I appreciate the kindly help from her and the whole ACIC fellow"


LUO Yun, from China, ACIC student 2008


"I've been in Australia for more than half a year already. In this half a year, ACIC had given me much useful information on university courses and policies on permanent residency.  I am very grateful, especially to my friendly and passionate counsellor Nalumi, who had offered me great help during my uneasy study path. I am going do the postgraduate course at the University of Sydney very soon. Again, thank you, ACIC!"


WU YAN From CHina, ACIC student 2008


"ACIC is like my second home in Sydney. It is warm and nice. I'm so happy  and lucky to be a member in here. ACIC is also my best friend in my mind forever."


TAO Jia Lei From CHina, ACIC student 2008


"What I wish to say here is very simple and straightforward. I would like to thank ACIC for helping me out. Especially Nalumi, with whose assistance and suggestion, I chose a university that I am very happy about. I admire her for her enthusiasm, patience as well as her professional attitude. Once I initiated any topics on my courses and university application, she could always provide me with detailed explanations and suggestions immediately.  Thank you Nalumi. Thanks also to all the staff at ACIC for everything they have done for us international students. Thank you. You are like family to us".


Sun zhi Bin From CHina, ACIC student 2008


"ACIC helped me a lot during last 3 years. A special thanks for my counsellor Nalumi; she is really good, and give me so much suggestions that i can finish my bachelor degree without too much trouble. i will introduce ACIC to my friends."


LIAO HsuAN MIN from taiwan, ACIC Student 2008


"ACIC has very nice service and is very helpful. I feel happy about ACIC."


LAN Wen Liang, From CHina, ACIC student 2007


"Basically ACIC's services and your job is really good. You have the expertise and experience to help students and solved problems. Some of your advices from you are more like from a friend but not from a commercial organization so that makes students feel comfortable."


Connie from taiwan, ACIC Student 2007


"I have completed all my studies of language school in 2002 and the degree in 2005. I really appreciate all the employees' support and help of ACIC during my study in Sydney. Since day one I signed in and became your student in the company's branch office in Taiwan, I have received all the assistance from Taiwan to Sydney for all my student visa and school applications. The processes of all my applications have been done very smoothly and successful due to ACIC's assistance.


I want to particularly thank Kitty Kwong who is my education consultant. Because of her professional and realistic suggestions, all my studies have been completed well without any complications. Kitty has been very helpful and supportive to me during all these years and she is a very responsible and reliable consultant. I am pleased to say she has been a very considering and encouraging education advise to me and has assisted me to achieve my goals in my personal education. I cannot thank enough for all of ACIC's assistance."



Tony Nguyen, From VIetnam, ACIC student 2007


"Good services and friendly. I feel happy about ACIC"


CAO, QIAN from China, ACIC Student 2007






"Very satisfied! ACIC is a very professional agency with excellent work performance. It strives to provide student with its best services. I was a student with poor academic performance, but with the excellent advice from ACIC, I succeeded in a very short period of time. Whenever I had a problem, ACIC always gave me professional advice and helped me to solve it quickly. Nalumi is particularly professional. She is friendly and caring to students. In order to plan a successful path for each student, she always puts herself in the student's situation. I believe ACIC is the best agency in Sydney. Im very grateful!"


Wei, yan chong From CHINA,

ACIC Student 2007

"ACIC has helped a lot with the contact between the universities and me, so I could do both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in my dream universities!"

HU, WEN From CHINA, ACIC Student 2007


"I am very satisfied with the professional assistance from ACIC regarding my course selection.  When I had difficulties in my study and was forced to make another choice, ACIC gave me professional advice promptly, especially during the time when I just arrived in Sydney. Moreover, the encouragement from ACIC made me confident again so that I could eventually finish my degree without a hitch. ACIC is the most professional, efficient and friendly agency that I have ever approached. I appreciate the guidance and help from ACIC!"



HUang, Yu Ting From Taiwan, ACIC Student 2007

"I first learnt about ACIC from a friend and it was their friendliness which made me to appoint them to look after my study plans.  When I first arrived in Australia, it was ACIC who saved me all the trouble and helped me find a suitable school. They also helped me to arrange my homestay, bank account, mobile phone, etc. ACIC's care and attention for me ensured that I will not feel unsafe or lonely in Australia. Currently, I am in my 2nd year of university study and every time I have a problem, they are always very patient in helping me. Choosing ACIC has definitely helped me find the best direction for me."

Li FANG from China, ACIC Student 2007


"For those students who hasn't been to any foreign country for further education, ACIC is the best choice. From the experience of my friends and myself, ACIC has proved itself as a really really great education consulting firm. It not only gives smart and achievable advice to the students but also helps them to deal with different kinds of difficulties here or in China. All the consultants in ACIC are earnest, reliable and willing to help. So trust you, trust ACIC!"


Talia SHi from China, ACIC Student 2007

"All the officers are very friendly and pay attention to students. They give me a lot of useful information and let me understand many things about my course. I will introduce my friends to come here. I believe many students have got good services from ACIC."


Hamed ISlami from IRAn, ACIC Student 2007





"I recommended ACIC to other friends of mine because they make it much easier for me to apply for entering an university."

ChanG, Yu Teng (Vincent) From Taiwan, ACIC Student 2006


"All officers are friendly and have full passion to deal with my questions. Also, they can offer me many suggestions before entry at university. I have to say that they are all very good."


Yan, CHENG from VIEtnam, ACIC student 2006

"ACIC helped me to achieve my university dream and with my student visa application. I really enjoy and am satisfy with their services."

Sara Lai From Taiwan, ACIC Student 2006

"I am very satisfied with the services from ACIC. Especially from my consultant Kitty, who has helped me to finish my course in bachelor and master, and to gain my qualification as a registered nurse in Australia.

Many thanks from me to the lovely people in ACIC".

CHEN CHEN from CHINA, ACIC student 2006




"ACIC here is pretty good. They do a great job. They can help me solve many problems within the shortest period of time. Their attitude is also very good."




Xu Zhu WANG from CHINA, ACIC student 2006

"I am very satisfied with the service of ACIC and I would like to especially thank a lot for Eric's help."

JIAYIN LI from CHINA, ACIC student 2006





"ACIC has helped me a lot during my study in Australia. Thanks a lot! Your service is excellent!"





SHEN Jing Wen from CHINA, ACIC student 2006

"ACIC is quite professional and caring for their students. Especially sister Nalumi (my ACIC counsellor), who is honest and kind."


"ACIC is a great agency to help you achieve your dream (university / college)."

Chia Chi LIN from Taiwan, ACIC student 2006

"I am really grateful to the help from ACIC and Kitty so that I do not need to worry or trouble about applying to universities. Thanks also to ACIC Sydney office and especially to Kitty who has helped and taken care of me."

Hazel Li from Taiwan, ACIC student 2006

"I had a good time in Australia and ACIC helped me a lot on my study life. I would like to show my appreciation to my counsellor - Kitty, who is so friendly and kind for everything that I have asked for help. Thank you very much for ACIC and Kitty."
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Serena chen From taiwan, ACIC Student 2006

"ACIC has very good attitude and work very efficiently. I am very satisfied with the services."


Yuan, MENG From CHINA, ACIC Student 2006

"ACIC is an excellent education agent. They are patient and trustworthy people in Australia."


"ACIC is very very good. It was a big success and thanks."

Yu YIN, WANG from Taiwan, ACIC student 2006

"ACIC is very good."

Hui Ling KAO from Taiwan, ACIC Student 2006

"ACIC is very helpful no matter in applying for universities or providing advice during my stay in Sydney. I trust them and rely on them very much. All the consultants are nice and professional. It's a great pleasure and an enjoyable experience to work with them."

Su Ching LAI from Taiwan, ACIC student 2006

"I am very satisfied with the service from ACIC. In particular my counsellor, Kitty, has helped me to finish my bachelor and master courses and to gain my qualification as a registered nurse in Australia. Many thanks from me to the lovely people in ACIC" (pictured with Kitty, ACIC counsellor)

Nancy Shen from China, ACIC student 2006


"I am very satisfied with ACIC services. I will refer my friends to come here" (pictured with Kitty, ACIC counsellor) 


Peyman Obeidy From Iran, ACIC Student 2006

"Every student who come to Australia needs multi-aspect support. I am sure you will have some information about some universities and courses. But if you want to have comprehensive information, you need ACIC. ACIC has friendly staff who will help you to find the best way."

Xuan Truong LE from VIEtnam, ACIC student 2006

"Thank you very much for your help during the past few months. I am so happy because everything is settled now. Without your help, I don't think I can do that by myself. I appreciate that."

Li Qing FEI From CHINA, ACIC student 2006

"ACIC has helped me a lot during my study in Australia. This has saved me a lot of time."

Li YANG From CHINA, ACIC student 2005

"ACIC has all rounded follow-up services with very good attitude"

Chi-Ya Huang from Taiwan, ACIC student 2005

"I would like to express my strong appreciation for ACICs help, from my initial application to receiving my MBA degree. I found it was difficult to handle so many things related to living in a foreign and unfamiliar place. Fortunately, ACIC provided me with so much help and valuable advice, just like neighbourhood brothers and sisters.

I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank Mr. Song and his sister Yi Jing, Ms. Lai, Nalumi, and Kitty. I was so grateful to ACIC for their kind help. Mr. Song and Ms. Lai are not only my consultants, but also my good friends now as I could deeply feel their sincerity"


 XU Zhuo Fu from China, ACIC student 2004

"I am an international student from China and I was studying a diploma course in Holmes. Early this year, I had some problems with my study plans but ACIC successfully helped me resolve the problem. Now I am graduating from the diploma course, and ACIC is helping me again to communicate with the university to get a full offer in a Bachelor degree.  Moreover, all these services are all free of charge. I really appreciate the support from ACIC."



ZHAI Xiao Jia From SINGAPORE, ACIC student 2004

"ACIC not only helped me find a suitable course when I first came to Australia from Singapore, but also provided me with valuable academic counseling throughout my undergraduate study at the University of Wollongong."

Wojciech Drazkowski From Poland, ACIC student 2003

"I am very happy with the service I have received from ACIC. In particular, I am very grateful for all the efforts of my counsellor in helping me gain entry into my desired degree. With the help of ACIC, I was able to concentrate on my studies and achieve excellent results. They have certainly made my life and studies in Australia a lot easier."

CAI Jia Wei From CHINA, ACIC student 2004

"I came to study in Australia through ACIC's Shanghai Office. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff helped me design a study pathway, which turned out to suit my needs and helped me progress step by step."

Andy Tsui from Hong Kong, ACIC student 1996

"Although my family has relatives in Australia, my parents selected ACIC to plan and arrange my studies. Throughout all my years in Australia, ACIC has been looking after me and frequently offers me valuable advice regardless of what the problem is. They just never turn me down. ACIC helped me to adjust to the Australian lifestyle, guided me through my studies, and most important of all, they designed a great study path for me. I am very happy with my decision to come to Australia, and I highly recommend ACIC to help with your study."

Ida Tomoe from Japan, ACIC student 1995

"When I first came to ACIC, I wasn't able to get into the university I wanted, and I wasnt sure which school would be suitable for me. ACIC offered me valuable advice, helped me with all my applications, and most importantly, got me into the university I wanted. Now I am working for PWC in Japan and applying the knowledge and experience I had gained during my time in Sydney. I am really satisfied with all I have accomplished. My study plan would not have worked as smoothly or been as rewarding without ACIC. The quality of information ACIC gave me, their strong relationships with the universities, and their high creditability in the industry helped me considerably. I strongly believe that ACIC has played an important part in my success and would like to thank them very much for their ongoing support."

Vu Hai Nguyen & Hanna Nguyen,   Couple from Vietnam, ACIC students 1995

 "We first came to ACIC head office for advice on our further education in 1995. ACIC was located in Haymarket. Since then ACIC has expanded and moved into a more sophisticated office, but the service hasn't changed. The directors and staff have always remained the most professional, knowledgeable and supportive people in the field of educational consulting.  They carefully listened to our needs and took into account our financial and visa situations as well as our career objectives before discussing about the course and the university that we should apply. ACIC has given us a lot of valuable advice and played an important part in our success.  We are proud to recommend ACIC to any students, who, like us, are trying to obtain further education here in Australia for their career and personal development."

Wei Zhou JIN From China, ACIC student 1993

"ACIC has helped me make a good decision to study at the University of Wollongong, where I not only received my Masters degree, but also met my future wife. I appreciated and was very impressed by the professional advice and high quality of services ACIC has provided to me. I am very happy with my career and family life in Australia."

Pohan Sung From Taiwan, ACIC student 1989

"ACIC is like an architect who not only designed my study plan, but also helped me to look into the broadened future of my overseas study. The study plan, which I followed and succeeded, was practical and suited my needs. It saved me a lot of time and money. Today, I am proud of my two Masters degrees, and I am honored to be part of ACIC to serve more Taiwanese students and help them to achieve their goals and realise their dreams."

Jia Ning Chen, ACIC student 1999
Jia Xiang Chen, ACIC student 2000
Jia Qin Chen, ACIC student 2002

"It has always been our dream to send our three children to study overseas, but everyone told us it was impossible to get visas for all three children. We never thought our dream could become reality until we came to ACIC Shanghai Office. We are very impressed by their high quality service and the effort they put into every individual case. We are proud and happy that our children are doing very well in Australia and are looked after by ACIC head office."