ACIC Sydney Office – Now Opened!


ACIC’s Sydney Office is now reopened to any clients that would like to visit us in person. We are fortunate to have one of the biggest offices for any education agent in Australia so there is lots of space for everyone! Our office has also been updated with all the necessary COVID-19 safety precautions including free sanitizers and masks for all visitors.

If you are our existing clients, we recommend you to call us (02 92863799) in advance to check on your consultant’s availability in the office. You can also reach your  ACIC consultant directly through mobile, email or WeChat.


Counsellor Mobile Email WeChat ID
Nalumi 0404 128 709 Nalumi-ACIC
Kitty 0404 129 203 kittyacic
Stacy 0404 128 785 ACICstudentservice
Lynn 0404 128 705 ACICSYD001
John 0414 822 455 Acic2016
Eric 0404 128 512 Eric-ACIC
Alice 0406 539 206 Alice-ACIC
Tracy 0450 492 688 uni_interview1
Cherry 0410 374 688 Cherry-ACIC