About ACIC


ACIC, established in Sydney in 1988, is a world-class education and migration consulting firm that specialises in providing Australian education and migration advice and services to international students. Over the past 35 years, ACIC has expanded its presence, establishing offices in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Eastern Europe.

ACIC’s strong reputation in the industry is well-recognised by both students and institutions. We are the official representative of all Group of Eight (Go8) universities along with over 500 other leading Australian educational institutions. We have been recognised with countless awards from top institutions.

Over the years, we have successfully assisted more than 90,000 students from over 40 countries with studying in Australia. We have also helped thousands of students and their relatives successfully obtain work and migration visas.

This is why we are the most recommended consultancy in our industry.

Our aim is to make your life easier and more successful in Australia, whether it is for study, work or migration.

As the Founder and Director of ACIC, I am proud of ACIC’s longstanding reputation as one of the best Australian education and migration consulting firms in the world.

Since I started ACIC in 1988, it has always been about looking after our students and providing them with the most professional, in-depth and specialised services possible. Each student and each situation is unique – we take our job of providing tailored advice to students very seriously as we believe the choices they make about education today will have a significant impact on their lives in the future.

Today, I am still overseeing the operation and ensuring that we apply the same philosophy to our students as we did in 1988. This is what makes ACIC unique – our reliable advice and consistent professional service. This is why ACIC is so highly recommended by both our students and our education institution partners. I am always very happy to hear that so many of our students have now graduated and lead successful lives in their respective ways.

Over the past 35 years, it has been a long and rewarding journey. We look forward to helping more students and families achieve their dreams in the many years ahead.


John Zhang
Director, ACIC