My school is reporting me to the Immigration Department – what can I do?
My Questions and Issues

Case Study 1: My school is going to report me due to my low attendance.

Student A is an international student who is studying Academic English. He was sick recently and was absent for several classes. He has received several warning emails but hasn’t paid much attention on it. Several months later, he has received a warning letter that his school is going to report him to the immigration department due to his low attendance.


  • Can I still go to class as usual?
  • Is there anything I can do to avoid the school reporting me?
  • What will happen to me after my school reports me to the immigration department?


Case Study 2: My school is going to report me due to my poor academic performance.

Student B has been studying foundation studies hoping to get into university after completion. However, she has failed many subjects including failing one same subject several times. The school has since issued a warning letter that she will be reported to the immigration department due to poor academic performance.


  • Can I change a school that is more suitable for me?
  • Is there anything I can do to avoid the school reporting me?


Case Study 3: My school has cancelled my COE.

Student C forgot to pay his tuition fees by the census day and missed subsequent reminders
by the school. The school has now cancelled his COE and enrolment.


  • What happens to my student visa if my COE is cancelled?
  • What can I do now if I want to continue studying in Australia?


Case Study 4: My school is going to report me due to my academic misconduct.

Student D is studying his first year bachelor degree. He has recently been picked by his
lecturer to attend a misconduct investigation as his assignment is very similar to others.


  • What is academic misconduct? My friends helped me complete part of my report, is this misconduct?
  • What’s the consequence of academic misconduct?
How ACIC can help

All the above scenarios are quite serious and can have a detrimental impact on both your school enrolment and student visa. It requires you to action immediately as otherwise, you may risk losing your studies at the school or your right to stay in Australia (visa).

ACIC is highly experienced to assist with students in these scenarios as we have many case precedents and can offer you the best advice based on your particular situation. We can either help you to look for a solution to stay within your school (e.g, appeals process) or help you find a more suitable school. At the same time, we need to make sure you meet all the visa regulations so that your student visa will not be at risk.

Some important tips for international students are:

  • As an international student, there are always some conditions under your student visa that you have to follow as a student visa holder, such as maintain more than 80% attendance.
  • Academic misconduct is taken very seriously in Australia. It includes plagiarism and cheating in the exams. Plagiarism is when you have copied other people’s work or someone helped you to complete your work – these behaviours will be treated as misconduct.

If you know you will face potential problems with your student visa, it is best to seek ACIC’s advice as early as possible. The more time in advance, the more options will be available to you.

<<Did you know? ACIC’s education advice and application service is FREE for international students already in Australia as we are an authorized and official representative of the universities and colleges>>


Full range of ACIC services
  • Advice on what to do after receiving school’s warning letter (including attendance, suspension, exclusions, etc)
  • Assistance on how to communicate with school before any reporting is done
  • Prepare backup study and visa plans so you can continue to study in Australia
  • Visa application: including free onshore visa extensions*
  • Migration and visa advice by in-house registered migration agent

*To eligible students

The ACIC Difference

ACIC was established in Australia since 1988 and we have over 30+ years of experience in the Australian education sector. Our experience is unrivalled in the industry and is backed by more than 70000+ students for whom ACIC have helped to successfully enrol in Australian institutions. That’s a lot of experience and knowledge that you can rely on! You can be assured that ACIC will provide you with the best advice.

ACIC has consultants and our in-house migration agent that specialises in helping students with visa problemsNo matter what your circumstances, ACIC can design a plan for you. We have had many successful cases of helping students to extend their stay and studies in Australia. 

ACIC also only helps students to study in Australia (not other countries) so we are a true expert for Australia education!

All of ACIC’s staff are highly qualified and experienced. They undertake regular training and have the latest course and visa information. Over 85% of our staff at our head office has completed a Master’s degree from an Australian university and over 95% have studied in Australia at a tertiary institution.