I’m on a tourist/working holiday visa and want to change to student visa

My Questions and Issues

I came to Australia with a tourist visa and I wish to study in Australia – am I allowed to do that?

My working holiday visa is expiring soon – can I remain in Australia to apply for a student visa?

Can I visit the school before I submit the application and student visa?

I am not sure about my English level – can I take a placement test to find out how many weeks of English I need to study?

I just finished my study tour and I quite like it – can I extend my course and apply for a student visa?

If you fit in any of the above categories, then the answer is YES and ACIC can certainly help you.

How ACIC can help

Our expert education consultants can guide you through every step and based on your situation and available budget, we will design the best study options tailored for you. We can help you apply for English classes as well as courses at all levels – ranging from high school to certificates & diplomas, and Bachelor/Master to Phd degrees.

Our consultants will provide you with the latest course information, saving you from researching, and help you compare courses according to your needs (e.g., school timetable, school location, paying tuition fee by instalments, etc). We will then help you lodge and follow up your school application until enrolment. If required, we can arrange English placement tests or campus tours for you to see the school first.

Most importantly, we will also assist you with your visa extension in Australia and help with any issues after enrolment. We will handle all the communications with the immigration department so that you can focus on your study and life in Australia.

<<Did you know? ACIC’s education advice and application service is FREE for international students already in Australia as we are an authorized and official representative of the universities and colleges>>

Full range of ACIC services
  • Unbiased course counselling and tailored study plans that is best for your situation
  • Provide the latest school and course information (entry requirements, pricing, timetables, etc).
  • Quickest application outcomes
  • Arrange English placement tests
  • Waive school application fees*
  • Assist with GTE checks and questions
  • Assist with personal statements
  • Arrange health insurance (OSHC) and book medical check-ups
  • Visa application: help change visa class (including free onshore visa extensions*)
  • Migration and other visa advice
  • Getting Scholarships

*To eligible students

The ACIC Difference

ACIC was established in Australia since 1988 and we have over 30+ years of experience in the Australian education sector. Our experience is unrivalled in the industry and is backed by more than 70000+ students for whom ACIC have helped to successfully enrol in Australian institutions. That’s a lot of experience and knowledge that you can rely on! You can be assured that ACIC will provide you with the best advice.

ACIC has consultants that specialises in helping tourist/working holiday visa holders in Australia. Whether you are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China or elsewhere, ACIC has had many successful cases of helping students to extend their stay and studies in Australia.

ACIC also only helps students to study in Australia (not other countries) so we are a true expert for Australia education!

All of ACIC’s staff are highly qualified and experienced. They undertake regular training and have the latest course and visa information. Over 85% of our staff at our head office has completed a Master’s degree from an Australian university and over 95% have studied in Australia at a tertiary institution.