I would like to help my family or partner move to Australia

Common Questions and Issues

I am an Australian citizen or PR – how can I sponsor my family to migrate to Australia?

I am on a temporary visa (Student or TR) – can my partner or children stay with me in Australia?

Visa Types

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident (PR), you may be able to sponsor your family (parents, partner, child) to migrate to Australia under the following streams:

Parent Visa

A Parent Visa enables parents of children who are Australian citizens or permanent residents to be sponsored for permanent residency in Australia.

Partner Visa

Partner Visas are for people who are married or in a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen. This leads to permanent residency, usually over a period of 2 years.

Child Visa

A Child Visa allows a child of a sponsoring parent, who is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, to migrate to Australia to live with their parents.

If you are holding a temporary visa (eg. Student Visa, Graduate 485 Visa, etc), your partner and child can come under your visa as dependents as well.

Student/Guardian Visa

Your partner and child can come under your Student Visa as dependents with the same visa duration and similar visa conditions. Your partner can work up to 40 hours fortnightly. If you are studying a Master’s degree or above, your partner can work full-time in Australia. Your school-age children can study in a local primary or secondary school.

Graduate Work Visa

The duration of a post-graduate work visa is generally 1.5 years or 2 to 4 years, and your spouse and children can join your visa. This visa has no terms and conditions that allow them to work or study full-time in Australia.

How ACIC can help

Family visa applications are a complex process as they not only require you as the sponsor to meet all the requirements but the applicants also need to meet the different regulations. As such, it is very important that you seek professional assistance with such a visa.

ACIC’s Migration Team has a significant amount of experience in assisting sponsor and visa applicants to obtain the preferred visa successfully. We can provide an initial assessment on eligibility and suitable visa options, as well as help prepare and lodge on behalf of you as the sponsor and your family members.

Full range of ACIC services
  • Free consultation to select the most appropriate visa option
  • Document preparation
  • Liaise with relevant agencies and authorities on your behalf
  • Arrange medical checks and health insurance
  • Visa lodgement
  • Justice of the Peace (JP) and translation services
  • Help you design backup plans
  • We use customised and modern CRM software to monitor your application and deadlines

The ACIC Difference

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ACIC was established in Australia in 1988 and we now have over 35 years of experience in the Australian education sector. Our experience is unrivalled in the industry and is backed by the 70000+ students whom ACIC have successfully helped enroll in Australian institutions. That’s a lot of experience and knowledge that you can rely on. You can be assured that ACIC will provide you with the best advice.

Our Migration Team has extensive experience with family-related visas and can help you reunite with your family in Australia as quickly as possible. No matter which visa type you are applying for, ACIC can help and achieve the quickest outcome for you.  

ACIC focuses exclusively on migration and visa services in Australia (not other countries) so we are a true expert on Australian migration and visas.

All of ACIC’s staff are highly qualified and experienced. They undertake regular training and have the latest course and visa information. Over 85% of our staff at our Head Office have completed a Master’s degree from an Australian university and over 95% have studied at an Australian tertiary institution, so they have first-hand experience of visa processes, work and life in Australia.