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Here you will find the latest and most popular courses currently in demand. If you would like further information or would like to apply for these courses, please contact an ACIC consultant.


The University of Newcastle - Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

As part of the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours), students will study how to solve important problems. The core courses in mechanical engineering will teach students to develop solutions using robotics, new advanced materials, the fundamental laws of energy generation and transmission, and the computer control of physical systems – from nano to mega-tonne scale.

At the University of Newcastle, the university train engineers capable of solving the world’s greatest challenges. As a mechanical engineering student, the degree will prepare student to help address the world’s future energy needs by taking biomass, wind and tidal power solutions to the next level.

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Curtin University - Master of Digital and Social Media

The Master of Digital and Social Media provides the knowledge and skills students need to become an astute and professional online communicator.

Students will develop advanced skills in creating, maintaining and managing online communications across web media, publishing and presence, online collaboration, and building and maintaining networks and virtual communities.

The Master of Digital and Social Media will offer the fundamentals of online communications, including how to identify and understand emerging trends such as artificial intelligence, social media influencers, big data and online analytics.

Students will explore how the internet is changing reshaping societies, cultures and economies, and how you can apply this knowledge in workplace practice. Students will have the opportunity to focus on specialist areas of communications and policy, content management, training and development.

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