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One of the main differences that sets ACIC apart is the professionalism and expertise of our team. All of ACIC’s staff are highly qualified and experienced. They undertake regular training and have the latest course and visa information.

  • Over 85% of our staff at our Head Office have completed a Master’s degree from an Australian university and over 95% have studied in Australia at a tertiary institution. They are high academic achievers and have first-hand knowledge of Australian education, work, and life.
  • Many of our education consultants have been working at ACIC for over 15 years and are experts in Australian education. Their industry knowledge and experience are second to none. This means that you will be looked after by experts who understand your needs and know how to provide you with the best support.

Some of the key members of our Sydney head office team are profiled below:

Nalumi Qin
Head of Consultant Team

Nalumi completed a Bachelor of Arts from Shanghai International Studies University in July 2000. She then studied a Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney in 2001 and joined ACIC’s Consultant Team in 2002.

With over 20 years’ experience, Nalumi is known for her approachability and sense of duty towards students. This is reflected by the fact that she has won the Best Customer Service Award for many years.

Nalumi’s expertise lies in her understanding of each student’s unique needs and her ability to analyse and provide students with their best study options.

Even after her students have enrolled, Nalumi regularly contacts them to make sure they are studying well and progressing well with their studies and life in Australia.

Under Nalumi’s guidance, thousands of students have successfully obtained Australian degrees and many have also gone on to obtain PRs as well.

“I admire Nalumi for her enthusiasm, patience as well as her professional attitude.” – Jialei Tao

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Stacy Xie
Account Manager

In 2013, Stacy applied to study in UTS as a client of ACIC. In a short period of time, Stacy achieved excellent results and received two Business Master’s degrees from UTS and Macquarie University.

As a former student of ACIC, Stacy actively participated in various volunteering and internship programs provided by ACIC from the very beginning of her studies in Australia. In 2015, Stacy successfully became a full-time employee of ACIC after her excellent performance as an intern.

With an outgoing personality, Stacy excels at communication and working efficiently. Being familiar with the students’ needs and visa requirements, Stacy has guided many international students through with their student visa and study problems and helped them complete their study plans in Australia successfully.

All of Stacy’s students speak highly of her service and maintain a good relationship with Stacy even after their studies.

“No matter how complicated the problems are, you always solve them in time with your professional knowledge and patience.”  – Jiahao Fang

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Lynn Guan
Account Manager

Lynn graduated with outstanding marks from Insearch and UTS. In 2016, she was appointed as a student ambassador for Insearch. She also participated in various internships in Australia and overseas including with CPA Australia.

Since joining ACIC, Lynn has leveraged her study and work experience as an international student to provide the best and most relevant advice to her students. She always thinks from the student’s perspective to try and find the best possible solution for her students.

Lynn is well-liked by students for her warm, outgoing and friendly personality. She has excellent attention to detail and is very dutiful towards her students.

“Thank you so much for Lynn Guan’s service. Her visa service was professional, quick and effective, providing students like us with great personal care and service, including booking our heath checks! The service from ACIC’s staff is fantastic! Thanks.” – Yi Li Zhang

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Alby Shih
Senior Consultant

After graduating from high school in Hong Kong, Alby came to Australia as an international student to study at UNSW. During his studies, Alby actively participated in different social clubs and organised events for international students. He became an experienced event host as well as a mentor for his fellow students.

Alby went on to successfully graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW. After that, he had worked in the property management industry but found his true passion was to help fellow international students. He then joined ACIC as an Education Consultant and is now a qualified a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC no. S350).

Apart from English, Alby is also fluent in speaking Cantonese, Mandarin and Taiwanese. He enjoys helping students from different backgrounds, and uses his professional and personal experience to get the best options for students. With his kind and helpful personality, Alby has received plenty of positive comments from satisfied students.

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Jinghan Gao

Jinghan first came to Australia as an international student back in 2009. She successfully completed high school in NSW and entered the Australian Catholic University (ACU) for undergraduate studies specialising in Early Childhood and Primary Education. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, she then successfully graduated with excellence from UNSW with a Master of Education (TESOL).

Through more than 10 years’ of personal experience in the Australian Higher education sector as both a student and a teacher, Jinghan has developed a strong passion for international education and helped many of her students to settle down in Australia.

Jinghan is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, English as well as Korean. She cares about her students and provides valuable advice and assistance to meet her students’ needs. She is someone that her students can trust and reply on.

“Highly recommend ACIC. I feel so lucky to have Jinghan as my agent, who provides me with her professional and efficient services. She’s the best. I really appreciate for all the help she made. – Xingyu CHEN”

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Vicky Ruan

Vicky came to Australia at the age of 14 and studied high school in Brisbane. After successfully completing high school with good grades, she enrolled at the University of Queensland and studied a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in advertising and international business. Vicky then moved to Sydney and obtained a Master of Commerce, majoring in finance, from the University of Sydney.

After spending almost a decade studying in the Australian education sector, Vicky has gained a thorough understanding of Australian norms and culture. She has also worked as a part time tutor, and fully understands what it takes for an international student to succeed in Australia. Her background and experiences have triggered her to work in education consulting to help more students succeed.

Vicky is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese as well as English. Vicky always seeks to satisfy her students’ needs and find the best possible options for her students.

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Ada Zhang

Ada completed her undergraduate degree in International Tourism and Hotel Management at Griffith University, where she developed a deep understanding and passion for the international industry. Her subsequent Master of Strategic Communication degree at UTS further elevated her teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking skills which all play a critical role in her capacity as a communication professional today.

Ada has also completed numerous internships in the tourism and hotel industry, gaining valuable experience interacting with industry professionals and putting her skills to practice. Throughout her various academic and professional experiences, Ada has always championed the integration of theory and practical application and continues to strongly utilise that attitude in her role at ACIC.

As an ACIC counsellor, Ada aims to provide authentically personalised guidance, utilising her strong academic background, practical knowledge, and personal experience as a past international student. She aspires to help students make informed international education decisions, leveraging her expertise and drive to make every student journey a successful one.

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Eric Wu
Head of Migration Department/Registered Migration Agent/JP

Eric joined ACIC in 2003 and has now been involved in education and migration consulting services for over 20 years.

After graduating from Shanghai International Studies University with a Bachelor’s degree, Eric pursed his postgraduate studies in Australia.

He first attained a Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney followed by a GC in Migration Law and Practice from the Australian National University.

Eric is also a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0854244), a Member of Migration Institute of Australia (MIA 3841) and a Justice of the Peace (Registration: 200138).

Eric is experienced in a wide range of areas including designing pathways for students leading to migration.

He has successfully assisted thousands of students in receiving their Australia visas.

“From the first day I stepped into ACIC office to the day I got my PR granted, Eric had been showing his professional qualities.” – Runqian Liu, 2013

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Alice Wu
Migration Account Manager

Alice first came to Australia to study in 2007 and subsequently completed Bachelor of Interpreting and Translation with a Distinction average. Her outstanding academic achievements earned her a place on the School of Humanities and Communication Arts’ Dean’s Merit List.

Alice joined ACIC’s team in 2013 as a migration assistant, assisting our migration agent in preparing and managing important documentation, as well as liaising with various external governing bodies. In 2017, Alice successfully completed a GC in Migration Law and Practice from the Australian National University and became a registered migration agent (MARN: 1700178).

Alice’s profound knowledge of migration law combined with her own previous experience as an international student enable her to understand the migration needs of her clients and assist them in achieving successful outcomes.

Alice is specialised in Family Visas, General Skilled visas as well as Employer sponsored visas. She also works closely with employers from different industries, from local restaurants, start-up IT companies, Small to medium sized accounting firms, large non-for-profit organisations to top hotels.

“With your guidance and help, we were able to accomplish an essential step in our lives.”  – Margarita & Chandan, 2013

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Sarah Xu
Senior Migration Consultant

Sarah previously worked as a doctor in China, having graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine. She then pursued her studies overseas and in 2007, Sarah graduated from Macquarie University with a Master of Translation and Interpreting. After graduation, she worked as a Senior Translator for several years in China and Australia assisting clients in various fields including business, medicine, technology, education and so on.

Sarah started working in the education sector from early 2017 and was primarily responsible for advising on international study and study tours. She then obtained a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice and became a registered migration agent (MARN: 1804900).

Sarah has helped hundreds of students successfully reach their study and visa goals in Australia. With a strong sense of responsibility and high standards of professionalism, she has experience in a wide range of migration and visa cases. She is always committed to finding the best solution for her students.

“Sarah is very professional and responsible, and answered all my questions patiently! Thank you so much!!”Vera Zhou, 2022

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Amber Zhao
Senior Migration Consultant

Amber embarked on her remarkable journey in the migration field beginning with her own student visa and general skilled migration experience. Her hands-on involvement in the immigration process gave her a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that individuals and families face when seeking to establish themselves in Australia. Amber is graduated from University of Adelade majoring Accounting and Finance. Driven by her passion for the field, Amber’s dedication led her to pursue a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice from

UTS and became a registered migration agent (MARN: 2217836).

In the constantly evolving immigration landscape, Amber remains at the forefront of industry developments and continuously updates her expertise to provide clients with the most up-to-date and relevant advice. Whether you are seeking to build a future in Australia, unite with loved ones, or bring skilled talent to your organization, Amber is the expert you can rely on for guidance and support. She is your unwavering partner in achieving your migration aspirations, ensuring that your visa journey is personalized and optimized for success from the very beginning to the triumphant end.

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