I’m a parent who wants to send my child to Australia

Common Questions and Issues

I am not familiar with Australia. How can I get good information about different schools and courses and pick the most suitable one for my child?

Can ACIC apply for the best schools and universities on behalf of my child?

Can ACIC apply for a student visa for my child?

Can ACIC arrange homestay or on-campus accommodation for my child?

My child is under 18. Can ACIC help arrange legal guardianship in Australia?

Can I accompany my child to Australia whilst they study and can I work in Australia?

What can ACIC do to look after my child in Australia?

How ACIC can help

As the entry requirements and application procedures are different across each institution, our expert education consultants can guide you through every step and based on your child’s situation, we will design the best study options tailored for your child.

Our consultants will provide you with the latest course information, saving you from researching, and help you compare courses according to your child’s needs. As the authorised official representative of over 500 Australian schools, ACIC can manage the whole application process for your child until enrolment. We will also assist with visa applications and help with any issues after enrolment.

Children under 18 require a legal guardian in Australia. Whilst there are different options, the rules and regulations are complex and differ between schools. Luckily, ACIC has a team of experts that can assist, including arranging accommodation and airport pick-ups for your child if required. ACIC can also help arrange visas for parents or grandparents to accompany their child during their studies.

After your child enrols and arrives in Australia, ACIC will designate one of our consultants to follow up on the student’s studies and life in Australia to make sure they are well-looked after. We will provide a free orientation service to newly arrived students to help them adapt to their new environment, and free on-going support should the student require any assistance for their studies and future plans.

Full range of ACIC services
  • Unbiased course advice and tailored study plans that are best for your situation
  • Provide the latest school and course information (entry requirements, pricing, timetables, etc).
  • Quickest application outcomes
  • Waive school application fees*
  • Assist with GTE checks and questions
  • Arrange health insurance (OSHC) and book medical check-ups
  • Visa applications: including guardian and tourist visas for parents/grandparents
  • Arrange accommodation, airport pick-up and guardian services
  • Migration and other visa advice
  • Get scholarships
  • We use customised and modern CRM software to monitor your application, enrolment and visa processes
  • Free after-arrival orientation/support and on-going service
  • Academic progression monitoring and feedback
  • Multilingual staff to communicate with you (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese)

*For eligible students

The ACIC Difference

ACIC is recommended by all the top institutions in Australia – click here to see video testimonials.

ACIC was established in Australia in 1988 and we now have over 35 years of experience in the Australian education sector. Our experience is unrivalled in the industry and is backed by the 90000+ students whom ACIC have successfully helped enroll in Australian institutions. That’s a lot of experience and knowledge that you can rely on. You can be assured that ACIC will provide you with the best advice.

ACIC focuses exclusively on helping students to study in Australia (not other countries) so we are a true expert on Australian education.

ACIC is based in Australia so we can look after your child in Australia. You can have the assurance that our team are here locally to help your child if needed. We can keep track of your child’s academic progress and provide feedback to you if required. 

ACIC provides free after-arrival and on-going support. Our services don’t stop after a student enrols. After your child arrives in Australia, they will be assigned a dedicated consultant who will provide a free orientation to help them settle in Australia. Your child can also get free on-going support and advice any time in the future.