Our Team

One of the main difference that sets ACIC apart is the professionalism and experience of our team.  All of ACIC’s staff are highly qualified and experienced. They undertake regular training and have the latest course and visa information.

  • Over 85% of our staff at our head office has completed a Master’s degree from an Australian university and over 95% have studied in Australia at a tertiary institution. They are high academic achievers and have first-hand knowledge of Australian education and life.
  • Many of our education consultants have been working at ACIC for over 15 years and are experts in Australia education. Their industry knowledge and experience are second to none. This means that you will speak with experts who understand your needs and know how to provide you with the best support.

Some of the key members of our Sydney head office team are profiled below.

Nalumi Qin
Senior Counselling Manager

Nalumi completed a Bachelor of Arts from Shanghai International Studies University in July 2000. After that, she studied Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney in 2001 and joined in ACIC’s counselling team in 2002.

With over 16 years of experience, Nalumi is extremely nice and responsible to students. This is reflected by the fact that she has won the Best Customer Service Award for many years.

Nalumi’s expertise lies in her understanding of student needs and the ability to analyse and provide students with the best study options.

Even after her students have enrolled, Nalumi regularly contacts her students to make sure they are studying well and progressing well with their studies and life in Australia.

Under Nalumi’s guidance, thousands of students have successfully obtained Australian degrees and many have also gone on to obtain PR as well.

” I admire her for her enthusiasm, patience as well as her professional attitude.” – Jialei Tao

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Kitty Kwong
Account Manager

Kitty has been living in Australia for more than 20 years and studied in Australia since high school, including the HSC.

Kitty graduated from UTS with a Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management) and previously worked in Cathy Pacific and United Airlines.

Kitty joined ACIC in 2002 and has over 15 years of education consulting experience.

She is a friendly, patient and compassionate person.  In addition, she speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

These qualities enable her to communicate and counsel students from different countries and at different stages.

She is a very detailed person so she looks after her students very well in both the big and small things ranging from applications to enrolments, to different aspects of a student’s study life in Australia.

“She is more like a friend than an agent during the period I struggled with my IELTS test.” – Raymond Chen

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Amy Zhang
Account Manager

Amy started her studies in Australia as a Year 11 student. After achieving excellent results in the HSC, she was able to enrol in the Bachelor of Psychology at UNSW.

She successfully completed the degree with honours in 2007 and further developed her counselling skills with a Master of Applied Social Science from the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

Before joining ACIC, Amy worked as an Intern Psychologist and was involved in a range of jobs including child mentoring, running therapeutic groups and providing counseling support services to a wide variety of people, all of which prepared Amy for her current role with ACIC.

Amy joined ACIC in 2011 and she is one of our most well-liked consultants. Designing the best study and career plans for students is one of her strengths. She cares about and understands the needs and difficulties of being an international student.

Over the years with ACIC, Amy has assisted many international students to achieve their study goals.

“She’s been consistently patient and helpful when dealing with my application. She is just amazing.”

– Yiwei LIU

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Stacy Xie
Education Consultant

In 2013, Stacy applied to study in UTS through ACIC and came to Australia for further study. In a short period of time, Stacy achieved excellent results and got 2 Business Master Degrees from UTS and Macquarie University.

As a former student of ACIC, Stacy actively participated in various volunteering and internship programs carried out by ACIC from the very beginning of her study in Australia. In 2015, Stacy successfully became a full time employee of ACIC given her excellent performance as an intern.

With an outgoing personality, Stacy excels at communication and works efficiently. Being familiar with the students’ needs and visa requirements, Stacy has guided many international students through with their student visa and study problems and helped them complete their study plans in Australia successfully.

Given her personal experience, Stacy is endeavouring to help students admit to various universities. Every student speaks highly of her service and maintains a good relationship with Stacy.

“No matter how complicated the problems are, you always solve them in time with your professional knowledge and patience.”  – Jiahao Fang

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Lynn Guan
Education Consultant

Lynn graduated with outstanding marks from Insearch and UTS. In 2016, she was appointed as a student ambassador for Insearch. She also participated in various internships in Australia and overseas including with CPA Australia.

After joining ACIC, Lynn has leveraged her study and work experience as an international student to provide the best and most relevant advice to students. She always think from from the student’s perspective and tries to find the best possible solutions for her students.

Lynn is well liked by students as she has an excellent out-going and friendly personality. She also have great attention to details and is very responsible to her students.

“Thank you so much for Lynn Guan’s service. Her visa service was professional, quick and effective, providing students like us with great personal care and service, including booking our heath checks! The service from ACIC’s staff is fantastic! Thanks.” – Yi Li Zhang

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Eric Wu
Registered Migration Agent / JP

Eric joined ACIC in 2003 and has been involved in education and migration counselling services for almost 15 years.

After graduating from Shanghai International Studies University with a Bachelor’s degree, Eric pursed his postgraduate studies in Australia.

He first attained a Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney followed by a GC in Migration Law and Practice from the Australian National University.

Eric is also a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0854244), a Member of Migration Institute of Australia (MIA 3841) and a Justice of the Peace (Registration: 200138).

Eric is experienced in a wide range of areas including designing pathways for students leading to migration.

He has successfully assisted thousands of students in getting their Australia visa.

“From the first day I stepped into ACIC office to the day I got my PR granted, Eric had been showing his professional qualities.” – Runqian Liu, 2013

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Alice Wu
Registered Migration Agent

Alice first came to Australia to study in 2007. Based on her outstanding high school results and being awarded the First Grade Scholarship, she successfully enrolled at the Western Sydney University and completed the Bachelor of Interpreting and Translation with Distinction average academic results. Her outstanding academic achievements also earned her a place on the School of Humanities and Communication Arts’ Dean’s Merit List.

After graduation, Alice worked as a Translator and Column writer at an Australian Chinese Daily Newspaper.

She then joined ACIC’s team in 2013 as our migration assistant, assisting migration agent to prepare and manage important documentation, as well as liaising with various external governing bodies.

In 2017, Alice successfully completed GC in Migration Law and Practice from The Australian National University and registered to be a migration agent (MARN: 1700178).

Alice’s profound knowledge in Migration Law combined with her own previous experience as an international student enable her to understand the migration needs of students and assist them to achieve successful outcomes.

“With your guidance and help, we were able to accomplish an essential step in our lives.”  – Margarita & Chandan

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Tracy Song

Graduating from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tracy came to Australia and studied at the University of Sydney in 2010. She obtained her Master of Marketing with excellent results in 2012.

Prior to moving to Australia, Tracy worked as Consular Assistant in the Consulate-General of The Republic of Singapore in Shanghai from which she gained rich experience across visa processes and career advisory.

After joining ACIC for more than 7 years, Tracy applies all the skills and knowledge she acquired in Australia and China to work as a consultant at ACIC. She has assisted in various types of visa application for international students and their partners or parents, ranging from student visas all to the way to citizenship applications. Tracy also has rich experience in different kinds of skill assessment, especially for trades skill assessment and has helped countless of students gain positive outcomes.

Tracy’s excellent English proficiency, extensive work experience and good communication skills enable her to help each international student to achieve great migration outcome.

With a thoughtful character, Tracy always pays great attention to details and assist students with patience. Naturally, she is quite popular among international students.

“ You gave my lots of great advice, which shows you guys are a very experience team!” – Ella, 2018

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