Testimonial from ACIC HSC Students


Top HSC Student Gets Help From ACIC

As an international student studying high school in Australia, besides the pressure of the university entrance exams, there are the difficulties of applying for schools and visa extension. There are many issues that Brian needed to deal with as a teenager during a stressful period.

Brian came to ACIC with the hope to gain thoughtful assistance and advice for his future study plan. Our consultants carefully listened to his goals and then assisted him in applying for his desired course as well as some back-up plans for him.

Apart from all the paperwork and application process, ACIC also assisted Brian with his visa extension and followed-up all the administrative tasks for him. This allowed Brian to have more time to focus on his studies for the university entrance exams (HSC).

Outcome and Achievements:

Through Brian’s hardwork, Brian achieved a very high UAI of 99.3 and was successfully admitted to the Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney.

Comment from Student:

“I have to appreciate all ACIC staff for their kindness, reliability and responsibility for every students.

We could come to ACIC, contact the helpful staff members via phone or emails at any time and they certainly reply us immediately. With ACICs assistance, the stress over the pre- and post-HSC period could be a lot more relief.

During my holiday after the HSC, ACIC kindly took care of all the admission including getting the COE, Oversea Student Health Cover, Fee payment process and importantly, visa extension. Any enquiries from me or my friends were quickly replied and problems were solved effectively to make sure we have a nice time with our family and a well-prepared plan for our tertiary studies this year.

A part of my success should never come without the assistance of an active and reliable team of ACIC. I strongly recommend ACIC for the students who are seeking for admissions or having issues with their visas or who will deal with these issues in the future. It is the best you can get from your experiences of your time studying in Australia”.

Brian Nguyen (Vietnam)

Dear John,

Thank you very much for your help with my visa application!

I had no idea how to do it xD

Thanks for ACIC’s help with my studies from High School to University.

Wish everyone stay safe and health!

Best regards,

Hermion Tam, 2020



I graduated from Randwick Grils and joined HSC 2019. The counsellor helped me all the way from UAC application to visa extension and has always been helpful and highly efficient. When I received my ATAR results, I didn’t think I had any chance to get into University, however, the counsellor, based on her experience, successfully helped me to apply for UTS with raw marks. Moreover, ACIC tailor-made a migration plan for me with my major! Even with the Covid-19 situation, ACIC can still professionally communicate with school timely to help with my enrollment and visa extension. A lot of my classmates receive help from ACIC – worry-free services!😄


Wanjin WU, 2020




Thank you very much for the professional services for my PR application!

I started using ACIC services from High School to TAFE application, and then my partner visa application. I enjoyed your great services with close monitor and timely progress report, as well as friendly staff here. I am glad with the services from my initial counselor Jocelyn to the migration staff. You are all highly professional and I will surely refer ACIC to my friends.
Thanks very much and I will come back with my parent visa application in future.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Jia Ying Yang, 2018