ANU $25,000 Scholarship – Exclusive for Onshore Students


ANU has launched a new scholarship for high-performing international students already in Australia that are looking for applying for a postgraduate program in ANU in Semester 1 2020. The scholarship offer includes one year paid on-campus accommodation plus 25% tuition fee discount in second year (Approximately $25,000AUD total value).

The award will be available to students that:

  1. Currently resides in Australia as an onshore international student;
  2. Is currently completing or has recently completed an undergraduate degree at an Australian institution;
  3. Has applied for entry to a postgraduate program at ANU in Semester 1 2020, through an approved ANU onshore Education Agent;
  4. Has achieved a minimum ANU GPA of 5.5/7.0 (or equivalent) in their undergraduate degree; and
  5. Will enrol in a postgraduate program at ANU for the first time.

For more information and application deadlines, please contact ACIC as soon as possible.