Australian National University & Macquarie University - ANU and Macquarie University Strategic Partnership:


The Australian National University (ANU) and Macquarie University have teamed up to create a strategic partnership that aims to enhance student recruitment practices and knowledge across both institutions and Australia’s higher education sector. This collaboration is an Australian-first higher education initiative that allows students from ANU and Macquarie to undertake studies at both institutions through a unique exchange agreement. This exchange agreement also extends to alumni from both universities, who can continue their studies with a reciprocal 10% fee waiver for postgraduate studies.


Under the international undergraduate student exchange agreement, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate international student visa holders can exchange universities for one semester and have it fully credited toward their degree at their home institution. This unique Australian agreement allows Macquarie international students to gain experience at ANU, Australia’s highest-ranked university, whilst networking with the brightest minds in the nation’s capital. On the other hand, ANU international students can experience Sydney, the business capital of Australia, whilst participating in award-winning coursework such as Macquarie’s Global Leadership Program.


In addition to the international student exchange agreement, both universities offer alumni postgraduate support schemes to help their graduates return to study and upskill. This 10% fee waiver has now been extended to be available on a reciprocal basis, meaning that eligible alumni from ANU or Macquarie can receive an automatic 10% fee reduction when commencing postgraduate studies in 2023 or 2024. Eligibility for the alumni postgraduate reciprocal support scheme will be assessed upon application to the wide range of qualifying postgraduate coursework programs available at ANU or Macquarie University.

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