Deakin University – A Day in The Life of An Online Student


Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) student Hoa Pham shares her experiences of adjusting to online study and her tips for improving employability, even during a pandemic.


‘I love Deakin’s practical approach to education. My tutors bring many interesting insights from their real-life professional experience to the class, and my assignments simulate the actual workplace scenarios quite well.

I am actually juggling study, work, volunteering and career development simultaneously, so I always note down deadlines for each new task in my phone calendar, and write out the emergency ones I need to complete every day. I stay mentally healthy during this challenging time by always immersing myself in positive thoughts and reminding myself of the reason I came here. I maintain my social life by joining lots of Zoom sessions with my old teachers, friends and volunteering teammates.

My advice for students seeking to improve their employability during this pandemic: this is a great time to polish your professional online presence, reach out to new connections and show existing ones that you care about them. All it takes to stand out is small efforts like a catch-up message, a meaningful interaction, a post, a connection request etc., repeated daily.


Watch Hoa’s video:


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