Interested in Real Estate? RMIT is your first choice!


The real estate and construction industry has a significant influence on the development of the economy and the prosperity of a city. The statistics show that in the past 10 years, The Australian Construction industry has been hiring nearly 200,000 new staff. With the increasing demand of the industry, The Australia Federal Government forecast that the construction industry employment will continue to grow in the future.

Construction management, Project management and Real Estate Courses in RMIT are at the top of the list in Asia Pacific Area.  According to QS Ranking 2019, RMIT is ranking 22nd in the world in Construction and Construction environment. At the same time, RMIT is one of the three universities achieving “Above World Standard” in construction research area.

Through studying in Applied Scientific Construction Management in RMIT, students can acquire all the necessary skills from beginning to the end in project planning, coordinating and managing. Meanwhile, they will learn more about the development of the city, residential and commercial property as well as the rezoning of the construction environment. In addition, students will learn how to organize and lead team members during the construction procurement process and develop the ability of corporation

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