Sonder App – 24-hour Security to Keep You Safe!


As an international student, you may not always been familiar with your surroundings. You might feel less safe when travelling alone, or perhaps you are returning home late at night, or you just needed someone to help in a difficult situation.

This is where the app by SONDER can help! The Sonder app providers 24-hour protection and support across Australia. Sonder’s have a network of highly skilled rapid response Liaison Officers based in all Australia’s major metropolitan cities and can be by your side as quickly as possible (often in minutes) to assist to ensure you are safe and looked after.

So what does Sonder provide?

  1. 24/7 access to local help: Sonder know the precise decisions to make and actions to take if you find yourself in a situation that demands urgent attention. Simply swipe on the APP to automatically send a help alert to Sonder’s support centre, notifying them of your exact location and initiating remote or in-person assistance
  1. Check on me: If meeting someone new or going to an unfamiliar destination makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, Sonder’s ‘Check on me’ feature will allow Sonder to contact you regularly to make sure you are OK.
  1. Track my journey: Stay connected day or night with Sonder’s ‘Track my journey’ app feature. Whether you’re out and about or on your daily commute, Sonder monitor your progress throughout your journey until you feel safe, secure and no longer need Sonder.
  1. Geo-safety alerts: Sonder’s 24/7 operations centre monitors for both minor and major events which could impact the safety of their members. Sonder harness geo-location technology to pinpoint whether you’re in or near a potentially unsafe location and notify you immediately. If you indicate you’re unsafe, or they don’t hear back, Sonder take action to ensure your safety.

Sonder is FREE for ACIC Students!

 The Sonder app normally cost $365 per year but students can get it for free by purchasing Allianz OSHC through ACIC.

If you would like more information about Sonder, please contact ACIC.