Recommended Private High School List (Jan 2019)
Recommended Private High School List (Jan 2019)
StateSchool (Click School Name for Profile)ReligionGenderAreaGradesAEASIndicative Tution FeeBoardingFormsCommission
ACTCanberra Grammar SchoolChristian-AnglicanBoyRed Hill, CanberraK-Y2 (Both)Yes$33,300 paYesApplicationYes
ACTCanberra Grammar SchoolChristian-AnglicanBoyRed Hill, CanberraY3 -12 (Boys only)Yes$33,300 paYesApplicationYes
NSWMacarthur Anglican SchoolChristian-AnglicanMixedMacarthur (South)7 to 12Yes$36,790 paNoApplicationYes
NSWMacquarie Grammar SchoolN/AMixedSydney (CBD)Y7-12No$29,150 paNoApplicationYes
NSWOxford College, SydneyN/AMixedSydney (CBD)Y10-12No$15,200 paNo ApplicationYes
NSWReddam HouseChristianMixedBondi (East)K-12No$37,505 paNoApplicationYes
NSWSt Luke's Grammar SchoolCatholicMixedDee Why (North)Y10-12No$37,000 paNoApplicationYes
NSWSt Paul's International CollegeChristianMixedDee Why (North)Y10-12No$25,784 paNoApplicationYes
NSWTaylors College, Sydney, Study Group AustraliaN/AMixedGreen Square (Inner West)Y10-12No$25,800 paNoApplicationYes
NSWThe Hills Grammar SchoolN/AMixedKenthurst (North West)K-12Yes$37,815 paNoApplicationYes
NSWThe Illawara Grammar SchoolChristian-AnglicanMixedWollongongK-12No$30,665 paNoApplicationYes
NSWThe Pittwater House SchoolsN/AMixedCollaroy (North)Y 9-12No$38,325 paNoApplicationYes
NSWThe Scots SchoolChristian-PresbyterianMixedBathurstK-12No$46,500 paNoApplicationYes
NSWAustralian Int'l High School Pty Ltd, Academies AustralasiaN/AMixedSydney (CBD)11 to 12No$14,500 paNoApplicationYes
NSWHolmes CollegesN/AMixedSydney (CBD)Y11-12No$17,900 paNoApplicationYes
NSWSt Paul's Grammar SchoolChristian-interdenominationalMixedCranebrook (East)K-12Yes$21,374 paNoApplicationYes
NSWScots School AlburyN/AMixedAlburyK-12Yes from Year 7$31,554 paYesApplicationYes
NSWAll Saints GrammarOrthodoxMixedBelmoreK-12No$26,800 paNoApplicationYes
NSWGeorges River GrammarChristian- AnglicanMixedGeorge Hall (West)K-12Yes$21,710 paNo ApplicationYes
NSWPacific Hills Christian SchoolChristianMixedDuralK-12IELTS or AEAS$31,970 paNoApplicationYes
NSWRedlandsN/AMixedCremorne (North)Y 9-12IELTS or AEAS$42,000 paNoApplicationYes
NSWSt Andrew's Cathedral SchoolChristian- AnglicanMixedSydney (CBD)K-12No$47,790 paNoApplicationYes
NSWThe Armidale SchoolChristian- AnglicanMixedArmidaleY 6-12No$33,080 paYesApplicationYes
NSWSt Maroun's CollegeCatholicMixedDulwich HillK-12No$18,000 paNoApplicationYes
NSWMasada CollegeJewishMixedSt IvesK-12Yes$34,228 paNoApplicationYes
NSWPal Buddhist SchoolBuddhistMixedCanley ValeY 7-12IELTS$ 19,500 paNoApplicationYes
NSWSt Augustine's CollegeCatholic BoyBrookvale (North)Y 9-12No$26,925 paNoApplicationYes
NSWThe Scots CollegeChristian-PresbyterianBoyBellevue Hill (East)K-12Yes$36,220 paYesApplicationYes
NSWTrinity Grammar School (in NSW)Christian-AnglicanBoySummer Hill (Inner West)K-12No (Meet English before Applying)$34,770 paYesApplicationYes
NSWThe King's SchoolChristian- AnglicanBoyNorth ParramattaK-12Yes$36,156 paYesApplicationYes
NSWKINCOPPAL HIGHCatholic GirlRose Bay (East)K-12Yes$42,849 paYesApplicationYes
NSWMeridenChristian-AnglicanGirlStrathfield (Inner West)K-12(no Yr 11 entry for international)Yes from Year 3$40,440 paNoApplicationYes
NSWSt. Scholastica's CollegeCatholicGirlGlebe Point (Inner West)Y7-12Yes or IELTS$23,940 paYesApplicationYes
NSWStella Maris CollegeCatholicGirlManly (North)Y7-12No$33,350 paNoApplicationYes
NSWRavenswoodChristian-Uniting ChurchGirlGordon (North)K-12Yes$38,000 paYesApplicationYes
NSWSt Catherine's School (NSW)Christian-AnglicanGirlEastK-12Yes$45,480 paYesApplicationYes
NSWPresbyterian Ladies' College, SydneyChristian-PresbyterianGirlCroydon (Inner West)K-12Yes$40,960 paYesApplicationYes
NSWPrebyterian Ladies' College, SydneyChristian-PresbyterianGirlArmindaleY1-12No$36,900 paNoApplicationYes
NSW Tara Anglican SchoolChristian-AnglicanGirlNorth Parramatta K-12 Yes$39,310 pa Yes (Yr5-12) ApplicationYes
NSWMLCUniting Church GirlBurwood K-12Yes$39,724 pa NOApplication Yes
NSWNEGSChristian- Anglican GirlArmidale k-12TBC $33,315 pa YesApplicationYes
NSWPymble Ladies College Uniting Church GirlPymble K-12Yes$ 40,455 pa YesApplicationYes
QLD AIEC - Canterbury College Christian-Anglican Mixed Waterford K-12No$21,606 pa NoApplicationYes
QLD AIEC -Ipswich Girls' Grammar School non-denominational Mixed East Ipswich Yr 1-6 No$31,092 pa Yes from Yr 7 ApplicationYes
QLD AIEC -Southern Cross Catholic College Catholic Mixed Scarborough K-12No$24,014 pa NoApplicationYes
QLD AIEC -St Thomas More College Catholic Mixed Sunnybank Y7-12 No$19,900 pa NoApplicationYes
QLD AIEC -St. James College Catholic MixedBrisbane Y8-12 No$23,900 pa NoApplicationYes
QLD All Saints Anglican School Christian-Anglican MixedMerrimac K-12No$22,200 pa YesApplicationYes
QLD John Paul International College Co-education Mixed Daisy Hill K-12No$22,200 pa Yes from Yr 7 ApplicationYes
QLD St Paul's School Christian-Anglican MixedBald Hills K-12No$26,500 pa NoApplicationYes
QLD AIEC - West Moreton Anglican College Anglican Mixed Karrabin K-12No$24,810 pa NoApplicationYes
QLD Clayfield College "Uniting Church &Presbyterian" MixedClayfield "girl K-12 boy K -6" IELTS or AEAS $ 33,410 pa "Yes Y5-12 girl only" Yes
QLD Brisbane Christian College Christian Mixed Coopers Plains K-12IELTS or TOEFL TBC NoYes
QLDAIEC - St Laurence's College Catholic Boy South Brisbane Y5-12 No$23,000 pa NoApplicationYes
QLDAIEC -Ipswich Grammar School   Christian, non-denominational Boy Ipswich K-12No$35,710 pa YesApplicationYes
QLDAIEC -St Joseph Nudgee College Roman Catholic Boy Boondall Yr 5-12 No$28,820 pa Yes from Yr 9 ApplicationYes
QLDBrisbane Grammar School  Christian, non-denominational BoyBrisbane Yr 5- 12 Yes or IELTS $35,250 pa YesApplicationYes
QLDAIEC - The Southport School Anglican Boy Gold Coast K-12Yes or IELTS $33,658 pa Yes from Yr 7 ApplicationYes
QLDAIEC - Lourdes Hill College  Catholic Girl Hawthorne Y9-12 No $22,340 pa NoApplicationYes
QLDAIEC - St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School Christian-Anglican Girl Corinda K-12No $32,620 pa NoApplicationYes
QLDAIEC -Ipswich Girls' Grammar School non-denominational Girl East Ipswich Yr 7-12 No$31,092 pa Yes from Yr 7 ApplicationYes
QLDAIEC -Stuartholme School Catholic Girl Toowong Y8-12 No $38,676 pa YesApplicationYes
QLDAICE - St Hilda's School Christian-Anglican Girl Gold Coast K-12No $33,310 pa YesApplicationYes
SAEynesbury College High School Christian, non-denominational Mixed Adelaide City Y10-12 Yes (IELTS ect) $23,200 pa NoApplicationYes
SAUniversity Senior College N/A MixedAdelaide City Y11-12 USC English Pro Test Must/IELTS $25,000 pa NoApplicationYes
SALoreto College Catholic MixedMarryatville K-12TBA $25,870 pa Yes (Yr 7-12) ApplicationYes
TASFahan School N/A MixedLower Sandy Bay K-12Yes$26,980 pa YesApplicationYes
VIC Ballarat and Queen's Anglican Grammar School Christian-Anglican Mixed Wendouree K-12Yes$32,820 pa YesApplicationYes
VIC Billanook College Christian-Uniting Church MixedMooroolbark K-12No$32,990 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Carey Baptist Grammar School Christian Mixed Kew & Donvale Y10-12 Yes$38,116 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Mentone Grammar School Christian-Anglican MixedMentone Y9-12 Yes$32,943 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Geelong Grammar School Christian-Anglican Mixed Geelong K-12Yes from Year 5 $37,000 pa YesApplicationYes
VIC Holmes Institute,Melbourne N/AMixed Melbourne Y11-12 No (24w ELICOS) $17,900 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Ivanhoe Grammar School Christian-Anglican Mixed  Ivanhoe / Mernda Y10-12 Yes (or IELTS) $36,380 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Kardinia International College N/AMixed Bell Post Hill, Geelong K-12 Yes$24,200 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Ozford College N/AMixedMelbourne Y11-12 No (Arrange 20wks ESSP) $18,000 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Peninsula School Christian-Anglican Mixed Mt Eliza Y 10 -12 Yes$34,528 pa YesApplicationYes
VIC RMIT International Pty. Ltd. N/AMixed Melbourne Y11-12 No$15,750 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Stott's Colleges N/AMixedCarlton / Box Hill Y11-12 No (Arrange own ELICOS) $18,000 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Wesley College Christian-Uniting Church Mixed St Kilda Road, Glen Waverley & Elsternwick K-12 (Elsternwick:K-9), Y8-12 (if need stu visa) Yes (Stanines 7) $40,100 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Westbourne Grammar School Christian, non-denominational Mixed Truganina K-12Yes (Accept IELTS) $31,720 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC YVG Christian-Anglican Mixed Ringwood Y7-12 Yes$35,358 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC The Kilmore International School N/AMixed Kilmore Yr3-12 No$30,790 pa Yes from Year 7 ApplicationYes
VIC AIEC -Christian Brothers' College Catholic BoySt Kilda East Y7-12 No$25,700 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC AIEC -Presentation College Windsor Irish Catholic Girl Windsor Y7-12 Yes or IELTS $25,000 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Korowa Anglican Girls’ School  Christian-Anglican GirlGlen Iris K-12Yes (or IELTS) $40,900 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Melbourne Girls Grammar School Christian-Anglican Girl South Yarra Y5-12 Yes$48,308 pa YesApplicationYes
VIC St Catherine's School Christian, non-denominational Girl Toorak Y 7 -12 Yes (Accept IELTS) $45,480 pa YesApplicationYes
VIC Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School Christian - Baptist Girl Canterbury K-12Yes$29,696 pa NoApplicationYes
VIC Toorak College Christian-interdenominational Girl Mount Eliza Y7-12 Yes (accept IELTS, arrange own elicos) $39,914 pa YesApplicationYes
VIC Genazzano FCJ Catholic GirlKew K-12Online Assessment $36,391 pa YesApplicationYes
VIC Firbank Grammar School Christian-Anglican GirlBrighton K-12TBC $39,964 pa YesApplicationYes
WAMethodist Ladies' College Christian Girl Claremont K-12AGAT $45,060 pa YesApplicationYes