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Miss Kitty and ACIC have been outstanding in terms of the work that they have done for us. Their constant attention to detail, close follow-ups, and stunning effort regarding our case have led us to the successful outcome that we see today. Miss Kitty was a wonderful caseworker whose patience, honesty and experience help us through the process of the various applications with great ease. Without Miss Kitty, I am sure it would have been impossible to gain the wonderful results we see today. Thank you Miss Kitty, and thank you ACIC.

Vala Safari, 2019


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Vala Safari, 2019 IRAN

Hi Nalumi,

I just really don’t even know how to thank you enough, but I really do appreciate everything that you have done for me. The process was hard but you made it easier and convenient for me and I will always be grateful. Am so glad that students like me have people like you around 😊 Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Daisy Muthoni Wainaina, 2019


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Daisy Muthoni WAINAINA, 2019 Kenya

Thank you so much Venus Lynn and Jocelyn.

I am more than satisfied with your work concerning my visa application. You all were very patient with me while i submitted all the necessary documents.

All I can say is you all were awesomely awesome and I will recommend anyone who wants to go through this process to contact because you are good at what you do.

Thank you again and I am super grateful.

Magaritta Omojola, 2019


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Magaritta Udensi OMOJOLA, 2019 Nigeria


Thank you so much for your service, and I would like to thank Stacy and Leon. Especially, I am here to give a special thank to Amy because of her great customer service and her efficient problem solving skill, in which she has made a major contribution in my visa approval.

Kind regards

Weng Fong, 2019


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Wengmui FONG, 2019 Macau

Hi Leon,

Thanks for the good news and thank you for yours and Stacy’s hard work this last week. It’s very much appreciated. I will certainly recommend you to anyone that asks.

Kind Regards,


The UK

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Scott Anthony TOMKINS, 2019 The UK

Hi Stacy,

Thank you for your professional assistance which let me catch up with the term of study in time and successfully got the Visa. This means a lot to me.

You and Kitty’s professional performance and friendly service attitude and process have left a deep impression on me.

I will introduce you and Kitty to my friend whoever need assist, and if have a chance in future I will definitely looking for your help again.


Alven, 2016


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Jun ZHANG,2016 China

Thank you so much Eric. I will definitely refer ACIC to my friends who want to get PR in the future. And also if my parents ever want to move here then I will definitely contact you again. You are so encouraging and organized, who have been doing an amazing job. Thank you again, for your great work ACIC! Keep in touch.

Kind regards,

Tammy Tomoka Sakazaki, 2016


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Tomoka SAKAZAKI, 2016 Japan

Dear Michael,

This is the best service I’ve received so far, You guys are amazing, quick response to emails, attention to details and the process was so easy and simple that I almost forgot I submitted a visa application. Thank you so much Michael. Thank you Nalumi, you guys are the best.

Please how do I refer a friend who wants to study nursing

Catherine, 2019


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Ebere Catherine CHUKWUNYERE, 2019 Nigeria

I had an amazing experience with ACIC, they are very helpful and professional. I had Nalumi as agent, she helped me a lot and kept me informed about every details between me and the University with rare kindness and professionalism. And also thank you so much to John Shen, he really took care of my case and helped me to get through my Visa application. I highly recommend ACIC services to everyone.

Umberto ANGIO, 2019


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Umberto ANGIO, 2019 ITALY

Thank you so much for the great news!

I am very happy and excited.  And thanks ACIC . It’s been your dedication and persistence all years long .  It’s more than word. I cannot thank you enough.  Wish you guys success for all future endeavour.

And of course why not about the next step and more. When I will be eligible for the citizenship? And also want to apply for my parents in future time. I will be in touch.  Thank you again.

Kind Regards

Sams-E, 2019


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Sams E TABREEZ, 2019 Bangladesh

Hi Tracy,

Thank you so much for always being helpful and being with me for the whole time of application process.

I was so happy and lucky that I have you and Eric guidance so that I wont be in any hassle issue with my short term post graduate visa.

Thank you Tracy

Best regards

Jenny Trinh, 2019


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Phan Hong Nhung TRINH, 2019 VIETNAM

Yes I encourage others to get ACIC’s services as they provide legal and excellent guidance which will eventually help to achieve ultimate goal. I must thank Mr. Eric, who have given me all the information I needed at initial stage of my application, also Ms. Tracy, who was assisting me in my application, I would like to thank both of you, and hope your amazing service will continue and attract more people.”


Harshana, 2019

Sri Lanka

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Thank you for your service. We can extend our visa to August, specially thanks to Katrina, who have well looked after our documents, submitted our application on time, and answer all questions I have about our students visa applications very patiently. Also, thanks Nalumi, whom we met at the very first time at ACIC, for taking good care of our files and updated our detailes. Thank you for your professional service.

Jueyu Huang, 2018


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Jueyu Huang, 2018 CHINA

Dear Venus , I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your work and effort on my behalf , it is very much appreciated .This has allowed me to pursue my chosen career and I am looking forward to studying and achieving my Diploma .

Again thank you so very much , wishing you all the very best regards from Ernest Zukowski .

Ernest Zukowski, 2018


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Ernest Zukowski, 2018 USA

I want to joyfully say that ACIC brought back my lost hope. They didn’t just smoothly processed my student visa, they did so within the shortest possible time. But what particularly impressed me most is the gentle attitude of the staff throughout the process. I call them ‘magical ACIC’.

Thank you for all your wonderful service.

Mcdon Ejike, 2018


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Mcdon Ejike, 2018 NIGERIA

Thanks for your (Katrina’s) and Kitty’s prompt and professional help! I feel relieved to have consultants like you! Thanks again for your great aid!
Chang Jui-Chen, 2018

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Chang Jui-Chen, 2018 TAIWAN

Dear Tracy, I’m so happy to know I got my visitor visa to Australia. As my case was quite complicated, I didn’t expect to get it approved that quick. Thank you for your professional advice and assistance. They really provide strong support to my visa application.

Really appreciate that. After this visa expired, definitely I will reach back to you for another extension.

Thank you.

Guo Peiyue, 2018



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Guo Peiyue, 2018 CHINA

Hi Lynn and Venus, Thank you very much for helping me out with extending my student visa. You were very helpful in every way possible in making sure I got all my supporting documents on time and assisting me along the way.  The whole process was quick and very effective and I’d like to thank you again for that. I got my visa granted in a matter of days and would not have been happier with my experience. I’m grateful that I chose to work with you.

I will definitely come to you again if I need to extend my visa again in the future.

And also would by all means recommend you to anyone else that needs your help.

Diana Kandege, 2018

Papa New Guinea

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Diana Kandege, 2018 PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Thanks for Alice and other staffs in ACIC! I wasn’t expecting to get PR in only one month! This is the best news this week. I’m really grateful for Alice’s help. She is always so patient and helpful, and offered us really useful advices. Besides, Cherry helped us, too. Again, really thank you for your professional advices and work!

Zhang Ying & Feng Mo, 2017


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Zhang Ying & Feng Mo, 2017 CHINA

I’d like to thank Cherry and ACIC for the excellent service provided. Cherry is extremely efficient, responsible, helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly. Thanks to her I got my student visa granted with minimum effort. She and rest of the staff at ACIC are highly recommended and will take care of all the migration services without any hassle. I can easily say ACIC is one of the best migration providers in Sydney.

Kavisha, 2017

Sri Lanka

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Kavisha, 2017 SRI LANKA

The services provided by Amy and Stacy throughout my final year of high school and university have been very satisfying. They helped me work through all important procedures during my school-university transition period.

From university preferences to the release of ATAR, from accepting university offer to applying student visa, purchasing health insurance and undertaking meidcal assessment, there is no way for everything to work out so smoothly without their guidance and assistance.

Choosing ACIC and having Amy and Stacy as my agent have helped me a great deal and saved me a large amount of time and energy in dealing with various issues. Their services are much appreciated.

Gao Zhenghan, 2017


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Gao Zhenghan, 2017 CHINA

The service that ACIC provided is great. The agent always inform me valuable informations and have always guided me in the transition from high school to University. They made me feel prepare and comfortable. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Kim Seng Thai, 2017



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Kim Seng Thai, 2017 CAMBODIA

Many thanks for Kitty and Katrina’s wonderful and professional help on applying my school. Plus student visa! Well service, thanks.

Li-Tzu Chen, 2017



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Li-Tzu Chen, 2017 TAIWAN

Dear Eric, thank you so so so so much!! Your phone call today absolutely made my day & the rest of my life!!! What a huge relief! I cannot thank you guys more!! You and Alice are the best!!! Definitely I will leave you a good comment and I will recommend you guys to every friend of mine!

Again thank you so much!

Wing Sze Cheung , 2017

Hong Kong

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Wing Sze Cheung , 2017 HONG KONG
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