I’m a student in Australia looking to stay after my graduation – TR and PR?

My Questions and Issues

I will finish my course soon and want to continue to stay in Australia – what options are available for me?

Am I eligible for a temporary work visa (485) or TR?

Can I apply for permanent residence – how many points do I need and what is EOI?

What is a Temporary Work Visa?

If you have graduated by studying in an Australian course for at least 2 years, you will be eligible for a temporary work visa, commonly referred as 485 visa or TR. This visa will give you full working and study rights.

The 485 visa has two streams: Graduate-Work Visa (GWS) and Post-Study Work visa (PSW). The GWS is 24 months whereas PSW can last for 2-4 years. The eligibility depends on your circumstances such as visa history and what you have studied.

General Skilled Migration and EOI

If you want to permanently migrate to Australia, the General Skilled Migration (GSM) scheme is the most common form of migration and it includes the visa subclass 485/476, 189, 190 and regional 491/494 and 191.

To apply for GSM, you must have a nominated occupation on the migration list with a suitable skill assessment. Once you have met all the different requirements, you can apply through the EOI (Expression of interest) system which is a competitive points-based system. If you are selected and invited by the immigration department, you can then formally apply for the general migration visa.

Visitor Visa

If you wish to stay in Australia for short period but your student visa is expiring, you also have the option of applying for a visitor visa. This may be useful if you are looking to attend your graduation ceremony, travel around Australia, visiting friends, etc.

How ACIC can help

Given you have invested so much time and money in your studies, it is very important that you seek professional help with your work or migration visas. This is because your visa application can be refused even for the smallest error in your documentations and one visa refusal record can affect your future visa applications.

ACIC has a team of migration and visa experts that specialises in both temporary work (485) visas and general skilled migration (GSM). We have successfully helped thousands of students over the years to get 485 or GSM, including a range of student backgrounds and some complicated situations.

If you authorise ACIC to assist with your application, we will allocate a team of experienced staff to look after you until your case is finalised. They will analyse your case and advise you the most cost-effective visa options. A lot of times, students are unaware of all the options available! Our team will then prepare all your submission documents, liaise with the immigration department and track your application progress until an outcome is reached. Whenever and wherever you are, our team will always be available to look after you through the whole process.

As for visitor visas, we can certainly assist you with this or your family and friends should they wish to visit you in Australia. We can help with both onshore and offshore visitor visas.

<<Did you know? ACIC’s education advice and application service is FREE for international students already in Australia as we are an authorized and official representative of the universities and colleges>>

Full range of ACIC services
  • Designing a personalised visa and migration plan that is best for your situation
  • Personal and document assessment
  • Document preparation including Skills Assessment and Police Checks (AFP)
  • Liaise with relevant agencies and authorities on your behalf
  • Arranging medical checks and health insurance
  • Visa lodgement (TR, PR, visitor, etc).
  • EOI lodgement
  • Assist you in any appeals process if required
  • Represent you as a client at AAT
  • Justice of Peace (JP) and translation services
  • Help you design back up plans
  • A customised CRM to actively monitor your application and deadlines

The ACIC Difference

ACIC was established in Australia since 1988 and we have over 30+ years of experience in the Australian education sector. Our experience is unrivalled in the industry and is backed by more than 70000+ students for whom ACIC have helped to successfully enrol in Australian institutions. That’s a lot of experience and knowledge that you can rely on! You can be assured that ACIC will provide you with the best advice.

Our migration team has a very high success rate and has helped thousands of international students over the years to successfully apply for TR and PR. We have dealt with a wide range of scenarios and have experience with the different skills assessing bodies. No matter what your circumstances, ACIC can design a personalised plan for you.

ACIC also only helps students to study in Australia (not other countries) so we are a true expert for Australia education!

All of ACIC’s staff are highly qualified and experienced. They undertake regular training and have the latest course and visa information. Over 85% of our staff at our head office has completed a Master’s degree from an Australian university and over 95% have studied in Australia at a tertiary institution.